January 20, 2015

Time for being studious - Personal

This years post have come along at a rather slow pace. 
It will remain like this till the "handing in of my thesis" part is completed, as you have read in the previous post. Till then it really is all reading, collecting evidence and writing for me. Oh and a couple of client meetings by the end of this week. 

So here is just a little something from my stay in Valencia. Being studious. ;)

January 5, 2015

First Monday

Happy new beginning to you!

Not even twenty-four hours ago I returned home from my winter escape & when I look through the Blog I have the feeling it is becoming a reoccurring  theme. That around the colder months I hop in a car and leave. Leave towards the south where the light is filling me to the greatest delight. In a very lovely and southerny way I got to spent Christmas and New years in the warmest south of Spain. Comfortably tucked away in the historic city center of Valencia. This past summer I was working almost each weekend which was a gift greater than I had myself allowed to dream. Therefore the only a short trip I took was to Roma. Of course ;) And now the winter break called for a vacation with a good dose of rest & quietness. Those are the ups of a wedding photographer ;) And as I love the south I wanted to go and breath the air again. Every time I go I feel how much I missed it. The southern charm, the ocean´s blue, the people singing, the sun unstoppable beaming its brightest cold winter light.