June 29, 2013

Married: Conny & Daniel

There are is hardly more sweetness on a Saturday morning when a good friend is about to tie the not. I was home. Soft hills, a small river winding it´s way through the city... and I could actually take the tram to the church. That´s my idea of an environment friendly wedding ;) I met Conny outside the church in the car - all laughter and high expectant joy.  She was early, desperately trying to kill some time with her bridesmaid and Dad. Impatient... to walk to church. To meet Daniel. As the bells sounded she did not walk down the small lane, no she hurried, almost jogged. She was not willing to let another minute pass to meet her forever.

June 16, 2013

Sunday´s ...

... are for running around in fields.

Have a very lovely Sunday & a great new week!

~   Saluti.  ~