February 28, 2013

Ordering Canvass

As Christmas was drawing nearer I was thinking about something special to give to my clients as a surprise Thank you. You know, to let them know how much they mean to me and how much I enjoyed working with them for their weddings. The canvass I chose was from Lena´s & Simeon´s wedding, which you can find here and here
This was hands down my fist time ordering canvasses and I was a bit nervous about the quality of the product, the colors and everything. So today I wanted to share with you that it was an overall surprise for me how very much I enjoyed to see the finished product. On.A.Canvass! Wow. So cool.

February 27, 2013


... today a friend of mine surprised me by coming to meet me with a tiny vintage leather box in her hands. 
And look what was in it!!! 

Such a cute 50s camera! I´m totally curious if I can still make it work.

Grazie Stella!

~   Saluti.  ~

February 24, 2013

Sunday´s are for...

... wise words.

Today we were sitting in church, side by side with a good friend of mine. And while the sermon was about beauty, a matter of my heart, obviously, we were wondering what the pastor was hinting at.  Beauty is the unexpected, a turn in the road of  normality. 
After church we were getting some Chinese take away and I called the same  friend to ask if she was on her way. She responded that something horrible had happened. Her car had a breakdown, engine didn´t start. She was in the middle of the road. So I took some more noodles and walked back to her. Reassuring her that all is fine and that I will wait with her till one of this nice rescue-my-car-guys appeared. On arriving we already started giggling and I proposed to share the two seats in three and just have the picnic right there in the middle of the road. I mean we could not move the vehicle and I always wanted to have a picnic in a car. Seriously. We squeezed us three girls in the car, had our meal, chuckled and laughed the whole time... till the rescue came. 

Unexpected beauty. 

Not all turns in the road of life are as funny or as easy to be solved. Some twists are tearing you down more than others. During the past weeks I had the most amazing help and patience of a couple of close friends who listened to me and gave kind advice. One sentence of a dear friend stayed with me during the last days and weeks and I found it to be true in many situations. So today I hope that you can find inspiration in these words as well.

I wish you all a most inspired new week!!!

~   Saluti.  ~

February 16, 2013

Engagement session ~ Conny & Daniel

I remember it well. It was one of my favorite days in November. I got up and thought to myself, today you´re going to live your dream. In the morning I met a dear friend from Texas and we talked about the funny turns of life and how we both started working in the wedding industry. And then I hurried back home to met up with this most lovely couple for a late autumn engagement session! Oh my!! Those colors! Totally in love with this color-bursting  shot!

February 6, 2013

Mini shoot ~ Linda

Hello kind visitor!

I can´t deny it´s been rather quiet on the Blog for the some time, even weeks.
I´m sorry for the inconsistency, but not for the beauty waiting for you. In this post and later this month. Oh, yes.
Sooo, this tiny post is form a Mini shoot with a marvelous girl called Linda. She has the most radiant eyes and whew, a smile to capture who ever might cross her way. But look for yourself.