May 30, 2016

Getting stuck in the Black Forest - Monday Post

Some weekends weddings come and dance through the day, all is cake. Things are in a flow & we sing in the car back home. This past Saturday was a bit more on the try and error (and then try again) side. On the way to the ceremony my navigation system got all confused by a series of construction sights and we ended up on a tiny mountain lane in the black forest. My gut told me this is not a good idea and the road said, there is only one way, and that is through. So we crawled up the hill. To my total terror and despair got stuck between the mountain rock and another car, parking in a minuscule bend on the road.

Long story short, this being the first accident I ever produced, it took me all I got to not melt down on the spot & crawl under the car. My heavenly assistant kept her nerves and helped me to juggle the car inch by inch. The best man (bless him) came to our rescue and got us to the ceremony.

Looking back on this day I was overwhelmed by all the kindness with which we were met. Everybody who came over to chat had only caring words. Even if I was not as collected and calm as I might have been for the rest of the day, we laughed and giggled as much as ever during the portrait time. 

Truths wich we took away from this adventure are: 
A piece of left over Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) never tasted as good as on the parking lot of the police station one hour before midnight.

And the words of our soundtrack of the day - Guardians of the Galaxy -  "ain´t no mountain high enough ... to keep me from getting to you..." suddenly had a total different meaning. 

Happy Monday to ya´ll! 

Keep on pressing forward, even with those Black Forest mountain kind of rocks in your way.

PS, we still sang in the car on our way home, from the bottom of our lungs. ;)

May 27, 2016

New Logo Hello!

If you had the impression that during the last weeks my tiny Blog fell asleep, you might have been right.
We are working on something beautiful on our end.

I can´t wait to share more from all the gorgeous. But as for now I leave you with my new logo.

Crafted & created together with my friend Sarina. 
Thank you dear, for all the advise & help!

Have a wonderful bright weekend!

May 9, 2016

The Unpredictable - Monday Post

Happy Monday out there!

Starting rather slow after a double header weekend I am soo very thrilled about summer finally brushing through Germany. Oh hey! I have missed all this warm light!

Here come the high and low lights of the two rocking weddings...

First of all... the dress I wore on Friday decided it is a good day to give up and crack in a rather unfortunate place. Oh hello mess. For the first cocktail hour I gracefully tried to place my second camera always right on top of the crack which turned out to be not useful. After several gentlemen stopped by & kindly indicating the situation, a sweet Mamma came and handed me her sweater. Armed till we switched location I slipped away and did my first total outfit change at a wedding. 

Now, you have to know I try to pack for several scenarios each weekend. I bring an extra pairs of shoes (usually more than one), tights, sometimes a pair of slacks or an umbrella. An entire new outfit is usually not in the bag. Strangely enough this Friday before I closed my apartment door I flung a dress & matching leggings in. Who would have known I need them? Oh boy, I was glad I came prepared.