February 29, 2016

Staying Home & Traveling - Monday Post

My past weeks joy were a bit different from the usual.

After having traveled to Roma for a real short trip last weekend. I mean short! I had one (!!) bag pack, my body decided it was time for a different kind of break. Since mid week my bed and I had a passionate affair. I only left for tea & more blankets. Ah, here is to roomy´s who bring crackers & make soup! 

February 24, 2016

Golf Club Domäne - Summer Wedding

They had peeked in for our studio opening & while touring our beloved creative harbour shared that they recently got engaged.
Sweetness radiated from her eyes, as they shared about their wedding, & I had a wonderful feeling. 

Their day unfolded beautifully as an almost all-day outdoor affair. With a ceremony held in a clearing on the golf club. A dreamy summer wedding with chunks of good light, wonderful laughter and a sunset to remember.

February 22, 2016

Roman Birthday - Monday Post

As soon as she mentioned this idea it made perfect sense. Of course. She had never been to Roma & I had never had a birthday there and Italia is simply put always a good idea.

We jumped on the plane Friday afternoon & found our way through the little bit of Italian crazy public transportation till we finally emerged in Piazza del Popolo. One of my all time favourite places of the city. Two days filled to the brim with southern light, a stroll around the entire eternal city and of course many, many images. 
We talked to strangers, stood on street corners, did excessive people watching, had far to few cappuccini, accidentally met a wedding photographer from Venice, ate till we could no more and saw the pope. 

So, this mini-birthday-Roma-escape just happened. 

February 19, 2016

Friday Introductions

This one is for all the newbies to the La Rici Blog.

Here are 11 random things and rambling thoughts about me.

* Doris Troy is currently providing the most beautiful soundtrack to my working & editing days at the studio.
* it only took me seven months to finally paint the office wall, since I started full time photography.
* if you give me expensive chocolate, chances are that I will save it for a better / special day and it might go bad. I know, crazy... ( I sound like a post war child)
* my friend Anna had a dream where she and her friends needed chocolate & she just told everybody that under no circumstances are they allowed to snack the good ones in the fridge. 

* since we are on saving things. I kept one Jane Austen novel unread so I could enjoy the first time reading the last novel of her for a couple of years. 
*the last first last novel I read by her was Northanger Abbey. A sense of listlessness overcame me upon finishing it. What will I ever read again?!?! (just kidding)
* I will be an auntie very soon. I cannot wait for this little Mister to show his face to the world and the wild name guessing will be finally resolved.

February 17, 2016

Winter Wedding in Jena, Thüringen

It started as a quiet day. With the first expectant look out of the window. Checking whether the snow was heavy or light. The streets free of ice. You see, this wonderful wedding day started in a fortress on a hill not far from my first home.

I just happily loved each and every single moment of this day! The frosting on each tree, the lanes leading up the hills, the jaw-dropping elegant bride, their happy faces during the first dance, all the friends and family assembled.

February 15, 2016

A Monday Letter

This morning I had the feeling to call a friend. Since she is currently working on a ship with OM and you never precisely know whether she is in safe waters or some remote phone-desolated region. I decided to record her a voice memo on WhatsApp. This way she could listen to it, whenever the connection would allow.
Those little things are a blessing in disguise, don´t you think?

I had entirely forgotten about the rough day coming her way and spoke a prayer over her, while I was in my snug kitchen warming my hands with the first cup of café, looking at the gray sky above. Speaking a little uncoordinated I felt goose pumps and hoped she would soon be able to hear my little spoken letter.

February 10, 2016

Sunrise Family Shooting in Stuttgart

It is not often that we get to document life after the wedding day passed. But it is an all bigger joy when we do. We photographed Silvia´s & Marcos´wedding over two years ago & I have to say... to this day it is marked in my memory as one for the books. 
Not only had they the most beautiful castle-by-the-lake location and jaw-dropping gorgeous style. Their family is what made it so special. Their love overflowing and the joy in every corner of the castle.

Imagine my happy anticipation as I learned they had won the shooting with me, which we gave away for the studio opening!
Oh welp! 

We met early one morning at a little corner of the city which is part of their every day life. 
The sun was just getting ready for a gorgeous day & I was in family-shoot-heaven when I saw them walking up to me.
Once more, totally in love with their style. 
Silvia announced the hight probability that Isabel would not get over her shy self well in advance. Just so I would not be disappointed if we did not get any images all together. 

Let me tell you! 
The opposite happened!
Isabel rocked this little shoot of ours. As in big times!
But see it for yourselves!

February 8, 2016

Improvising - For Just One Night - Monday Post

The whole wedding party was just headed outside again for one more game which required space & open air. I was finding my way around the guests looking for angles and such as I felt that the flash, which usually comes on after sunset, was loose. 
Another glance confirmed what I had only recognised on the run. The flash was about to fall off! 
*insert mute, inward gasp while smiling perfectly my everything is under control smile...

Calmly I placed the camera on the floor. Checked the second one, switched lenses & hurried back to the scene of the crime. 
Actually I am trying to carry less two and more just one camera with me, but in this instance I was glad I had the second one strapped right to me. For the time to run back inside & change at the bag would have eaten a lot of the game highlights.

February 5, 2016

A Shooting at the Vatican

Late summer in Rome &
 it was about time to take this dress for a walk.

I ran into Marta back in Würzburg.
 This one day I heard her talk on the way to the canteen for the second time.
This time I was determined to not let this one slip. 
You see the first time I heard her & Valeria talk a sudden wave of super timidness overcame me and I let them walk past me without saying a word.

She became easily one of my favourite girls from Roma.