September 30, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

Crisp air, lovely sprinkled sky and woolen socks kinda morning.

This morning I was standing on the balcony... observing the trees below and taking in all the fall colors which have begun to spread across town.
And seeing how this absolutely gorgeous September is coming to an end I remembered Mary´s fall bucket list. I loved the idea, to have a list of things you really wanna do this fall. So good. 

1) gather the peps from Crusade in my town and take an afternoon walk around the city on a Sunday
2) go to the movies, like for real. Haven´t been in ages.
3) buy cute rain boots ~ Germany :/
4) get something Scottish styled, patterned (blanket, scarf, ^boots or hat) 
5) make my own butter bread cookies (Scottish style)
6) go to a country music night with a friend
7) make something with pumpkins, as in cookin´.
* extra item, not realistic, escape to Italia for some days again :)

So what is on your list for this fall?

And since every Blog post is soooo much better with an image... here is a very beautiful preview from my first engagement session in Stuttgart.

Can´t wait to share more of this lovely couple later this week!

Have a beautiful Monday!

~   Saluti.  ~

September 27, 2013

E-session: Christina & Jacob

In my head I was going through the last months of my Bavarian life. Was it true? Was this honestly the first engagement session I ever shot here? Man! I was thrilled as Christina contacted me with her news. Actually cross that out! I was leaping-off-my-chair, dancing-around, doing-Minion-moves-kinda-thrilled! Since Christina is not only a client but first of all a friend, well it took a lot to wait till she got back to Germany and start planning and not to call her directly abroad. She is one of my steady friends and go to´s whenever things get rough and atmosphere feels tooo stuck in the south of Germany. She is one of my international peps. No where settled, everywhere at home. She an Jacob go way back, as in almost a decade of together. Of facing living in different countries spanning all across Europe. Of getting through it all and of always sticking together. My year in Tuscany was their year in London. So this passion for a town on the big isle was a very wonderful theme to plan our shoot around. I was absolutely happy how colorful and happy and lively this time with them turned out to be. 

Thank you for the joy and the trust and the honor of documenting your love! I can´t wait for the wedding next year! Ah, even more of this goodness! <3

September 26, 2013

Sunrise session: Gown Love

My roomy could not believe her eyes as she woke up a couple of days ago and found me all up and about in the kitchen... making tea and preparing breakfast. Short: awake at her time...
Well, there are just very few things I´m willing to get up to.early. And one for sure is a good ole sunrise session. Finally it was here. With Linda and a gorgeous gown once more, lovingly provided by Marialla and sunrise morning goodness. Yes for this, it is always worth getting up way early. And to be quite honest, sunrises are a whole lot later in September than in June ;)

Soooo, here is to gorgeous gowns and early birds!

ENjoy the beauty!

September 20, 2013

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes ~ Newborn portraits

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes.
For a warm, cuddly place in a cute apartment.
For two sets of giant hands caring.
For cozy blankets with smiley giraffes on them. 
For a homemade latte macchiato on the bed stand. 
For a sweet welcome scribbled in chalk white on a kitchen board.

Today I´m extra super thankful for the first of my beautiful couples welcoming a new life into this world. 
As Lena & Simeon wrote me the happy mail about their beautiful baby girl having made the journey of her young life, I had to use an extra special amount of happy exclamation marks. Oh sweet life! My first couple with a baby! 

September 18, 2013

Lago di Como ~ La Rici

"Nothing in the world can be compared to the fascination of these scalding days, spent at the Milano lakes."
~ Stenhal.
(Forgive my rough translation)

"Niente al mondo può essere paragonato al fascino di queste giornate ardenti trascorse sui laghi del Milanese."

We did not have unbearable heat but it was all the more beautiful for the two days we were able to spent in this small paradise. :)
More travel images will come soon.

Taaaanti salutiiiii.

September 12, 2013

Married: Esther & Michael

It started on an ordinary afternoon. A meeting among friends, familiar faces. As Esther had prepared a nice cake and come to the apartment of a friend. This time although was different, since there was a new face among this small group. Soon this new guy turned to be familiar in Esther's weeks and their friendship took a turn to being more than just friends. It turned to familiar, to best friends and companions for life. Michael, I loved to see your gentle way of holding the girl of your dreams. The kindness of your eyes, when you look at her.
Thank you for the honor of sharing most beautiful moments on your wedding day. Thank you for taking me to your special places. To where your friendship turned into being something more. Where dreams about forever have begun. I hope that you love like this forever.

September 5, 2013

Late Summer Portrait Session

Summer is back! Let´s make use of this gorgeous turn of weather to capture some more incredible portrait sessions this September.
Shoot me a line if you are interested in a session, any kind of session... portrait, couple, friends.
This is especially for the people in and around Würzburg. :)

I´m sooo looking forward to hear from you and have a great time in the late summer sun.

Till super soon,

September 4, 2013

Who said cheese cakes have to be sweet? ~ For those who plan

Get inspired ~ 

We sat on the white floor, I had a couple of magazines in my hand. I was visiting and together we browsed ideas. She had gotten engaged just recently and from the tingling, new excitement we were trying to narrow down some ideas. In the process the turned to me and asked, where do you even begin? Where do you look when you want to do things different? Maybe you, dear reader, don´t necessarily need different but simply personal. Something that reflects you and your loved one.
So here are some ideas I came up with.

Where to begin ~ 
One of the things I always ask couples to prepare for an engagement session is: What are things you like to do together? Think about activities which you like to do with your spouse, passions and hobbies you share. Maybe there is a sport you share, a country you both love.
This is usually a great starting point to collect some creativeness around. :)

The search ~
Once you have found a starting point or a theme, a color, a hobby it is really great to dive into online searching. There are literally tons of wedding Blogs out there! So here I will draw on a very limited selection of Blogs I read regularly... if you would like more on the topic, let me know and I can fill a different post with this :)
The first Blog I kindA fell in love with was Green Wedding Shoes. It is full of outfdoorsy love affairs and filled to the brim with DoItYouslef ideas. Another incredibly good source of inspiration is Grey Likes Weddings. It has weddings categorized by colors and themes, do I need to say more? And to round of my almost weekly check list there would be Style me Pretty, a must for chick and stylish ideas all around the biggest day EVER.