Meet Rici

Hey, I´m Rici.

I´m a wedding and portrait photographer. I love God, life, I have a passion for people and I kinda freak out when there is beautiful light and people… and yes, I do love photography. My goal is to specialize in available light and on-location photography. About half of my study time I spent in Italy, Tuscany (that´s where the travel pics are from ;-) Originally I come from Germany, so most of my projects I did there. 

I am especially fond of people. I believe that each human being is made wonderfully, beautifully and uniquely after God´s example. I think that not a million pictures could capture the wholeness and changeability of a human face, but I think that pictures are like poems and that each one ads to the wholeness and beauty.

If you want to know more:

I love all things which are beautiful, vintage, romantic, old fashioned, new fashioned, Italian fashioned. If I could choose a time to travel to for some days it would be the 50´s I guess and then late 18th century. Yes, I am a Jane Austen fanatic. What else? I love languages and people. I think there is hardly a better way to spend an evening with friends from all over and each one is trying to learn one language or the other. Come with that I am also quite passionate about traveling, and discovering places. Which according to me is done best with some friends who know their way around there ;-)

About the languages you might have noticed I am trying to make this page trilingual…

I totally love music, but some young folks tell me I have a weird taste in that. Haha, yeah I will have to say I like 50´s music and classic music and Italian classic music. Oh, of the modern stuff, soundtracks would be it.

I like white tea, yeah, go and find one, you have to try it!

I like to sip warm fluids from cute, vintage, bone china cups...

I like to sit down and create collages to get new ideas for shootings and sessions.

I like to read and most of the time I have a dozen of books on my night stand (or in my Tuscany apartment old boxes from a pharmacy from Bolzano ;-)) and I read them all parallel.

I like designing earrings.

I like cinnamon in my yogurt at night.

I love some quiet time every now and then, with God, with friends, simply to let thoughts wander.

I have a certain fondness of little details. Often for me, they make things, nature, people, stories more interesting and worth lingering a little longer.

Surely i´m fond of Gods creation, come with that nature, flowers, large trees, big horses, all these nice things ;-)

I like to cuddle and pet my dog back in Germany, she totally can smile back at you, I swear.

This is Mara doing at what she does best: spreading the-feel-good.

I LOVE Italian shoes, yes I do, I thought about getting one pair each week, so I could go safely back home after six months and be prepared for all. :)))

Of course I love my camera and especially my lenses ;-)

Sometimes if I want to express something and I think two, three or four things should be in one word, I quickly find a new one.

And I like the million – zillion shades of the Tuscan light, twenty minutes before the sun sets.

Ok, now, enough of me,
How about you?

I would love to hear from you.