October 21, 2012


... are for reflecting on the good stuff.
The last post was like a settle in post I realized now I should really brag about all the wonderful things I love here. Things which are great about being back. Or for my Blog: The good things of being here in the first place. I never have written my Blog from this spot of the earth before. Since I started out writing in November from Tuscany. 

1) People.walk.places. I loved the super crowded city center on Saturday. It was hard to cross the famous, ancient bridge, because of the sheer crowd. Lovely, this makes this place a teeny tiny bit more like messy Italia and I love it.

2) Vineyards paved  all around town. Tons of grapevines in beautiful rows.

3) Beautiful not to high hills all around town (even if they are not shaped as soft and beautiful as Tuscan hills) :)

4) Walking along the river at night, with all the city lights reflecting in the water. Or having a bit of moving water in the city in the first place.

October 17, 2012

$hitty first days.

Some time ago I wrote about a real cool concept to get started. $hitty  first drafts is for writers who want to get things perfect the very first time. If you follow $hitty  first drafts you just don’t need to get things done right the first time. You write things down however good they might get the first try. And then you write again, and if you are not satisfied you write it again. Today was like this, just as in the whole day was like a first all over again.

I left my quiet family, country life and moved back to the city where I study. Not the one in Tuscany… the one in Bavaria. That is also the reason it was so quite the last days on the Blog and on Facebook. So maybe I forgot to blog ahead and prepare for messy things to come. (cross out the maybe!) I shall better myself.
So today I felt out of place. The usual overwhelming feeling of first days. I felt quiet, shy, insecure… all the good things :) and I felt embarrassed. Of my very loud laugh. You see, if you would meet me in a group of Italian and Spanish friends, I would be the girl with the very thin, shy voice. But here I laugh out loud once and all the heads turn in a silent stare.

October 12, 2012

Behind the lens ~ Whats in my bag?

The raindrops outside my office are quietly sliding down and since some time now I´m marveling about how to start out this post. Today the drops are not banging against the window, they are quiet, almost secretive and I am listening to something… Friday I´m in love and I think I just want to get the  muffins in the oven. Since you know it´s Friday. Which means muffin time. :)

October 9, 2012

Portrait session ~ Sarah

Four years ago there was not a single week I did not spent some heart to heart time with her. We saw each other on such a regular basis that it was impossible to imagine our lives without all the sharing and all the giggling. All the late night talks and staring at the stars on our terrace.

October 8, 2012

Pops of autumn colors.

Collecting new ideas and places for a new shoot. :)

October 5, 2012

Relaxed Friday

It´s October friends!
Today October hit full force. The wind was so stormy that some moments during the evening walk I thought I might be lifted off the ground. Or worse Mara... her long ears dangling dangerously in the wind.

After staring into the fast moving clouds till we all felt dizzy and a new-wave-hair-make-over on my side we climbed down the hill. On my way home I found a walnut tree and thus, oh happy, collected some walnuts. I felt a bit like Scratch (Ice Age) just that I did not hammer my front teeth into the glacier.

Now I wish you the nicest octoberish kind of weekend and hope my walnuts taste good even without being chased across the icebergs.

There are rain coats for everything! :)

October 3, 2012

It´s morning, I´m on the terrace, sitting on the swing and Mara is curled at my feet, soaking in the soft October sun.

It´s a holiday in Germany, German Unity Day and I love to take this day to remember some things. 
You see twenty three years ago the wall which divided east and west Germany came down and now I just cannot picture my life without all the change the peaceful revolution has brought to Germany. No it´s impossible to imagine our lives without all the freedom we have, all the goods we can purchase. I always enjoy sharing today with people with whom it would have been impossible so many years ago. I mean in a geographical kind of sense. 

October 2, 2012

Portrait session ~ Conny

“"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”

 Coco Chanel

It was Friday at lunch. We had just giggled over the last joke and munched down some of our thai food, as Conny mentioned this one big fine tree. She had seen it on her way into the city. Sitting on one very green lawn surrounded by just green trees. A super magnificent yellow autumn beauty. As soon as she mentioned it, it sounded like the most perfect place to end our session. We finished our delish rice and strolled through some narrow streets before heading to the park. Oh my heart could not have asked for a better place, a better tree, or better light. It was perfection topped off with a very gorgeous Conny.

Maybe I went a little wild, laughed and galloped (I think running is lame) around her like crazy… till a nearing haymaking machinery (yes) forced me to let Conny know of the vehicle. And she thought I made a joke.
Thank you for this fun afternoon!!