June 28, 2012

Early morning silence, finally some cool air, we leave our palazzo and set out for the Campo (city piazza). The first morning practicing run of the Palio. I was convinced that at five am, the piazza will be a lonely field… well I did not account the Sienese absolute passion for the biggest event of their year.
As the first round of horses and jockeys exited the city hall, I forgot I was total sleep deprived, I forgot my bed and I heard hooves. Hooves galloping their soothing sound as just horse hooves can make this lovely morning music. I would get up for this moment at really any time in the night.

This was my morning romance, horses, dust, my lens and me.

June 27, 2012

Along with the most exciting time of the year comes also the time I hate most this year. Which is the time of goodbyes. For many students are already done in Siena and the farewell parties started. After yesterdays get together I just wanted to sit and stare into the skies. I wanted to watch the stars and hold onto our time in this town just a little longer. So of course I did that with my baby at hand. These pictures are not the most beautiful ones, but I like them, because you can look back at time, you can see the stars…

June 25, 2012

The world in a world

Next week is going to be WILD, I know it for sure. You see, there is the world, like the normal world we all know and then there is the world in Siena. These two things are wide apart from each other and the world in Siena frankly has rules of it´s very own. I mean like medieval rules… this city is different. The whole long year evolves around a single event for senese people. The Palio. The HUGE horse race in July, around the city piazza. There are seventeen rivaling neighborhoods (Contrade) and the highest thing for each member of each neighborhood is to win the Palio. Nothing else comes even close in significance to this event. Each year ten horses can start in the race, each one sponsored by one Contrada. The participants are drawn secretly and a horse can even win without it´s rider for the Contrada. Yes you read that one right, jockeys fall off thier horses and they do that on the corner to my street, also known as the corner of death...   So I am living in the Contrada del Torre (neighborhood of the tower) and surprisingly we were excluded from the race, because someone had this genius idea to kill a goose for each year the Contrade del´oca (neighborhood of the Goose) has not won the Palio. Told you... wildly different world.

June 22, 2012

One good reason never to leave Tuscany again would be the guests. And let me tell you I LOVE having guests. It seems everybody would love to come and visit to breathe in some southern air, tan a little in the sun and inhale this rhythm of life. During the last four days I had the luxury of having four Italian wheels under my bud and be able to witness a new freedom. To drive and stop where ever it pleased my heart. Really? The addition of a car would be perfection. But me on these wheels in the marvelous Tuscan country side… me on four wheels, during sunset and golden hour… saying it was dangerous would put it mildly. I basically hopped from one park niche to the next… at times to slow, at times to quick, at times I pulled the car over “al improvviso” to suddenly. I was constantly on the hunt for pictures and impressions, I saw people posing in my mind. Aawww, was the only word leaving my mouth for what seemed a loooong time.

I think it would be so much safer to simply do a photo session during the golden hour. So if you are close by or even a little farther away and would love some amazing new pictures. Let me know! Shoot me a mail. Call me. I think I have an idea where to go!!!! ;-)

Now enough of me scaring the death out of the Tuscans last night… I had this idea for a new series. Please tell me if you like it or not (in the comments below). To start the weekend in a worthy way with Relaxed Friday.

June 20, 2012

This morning

June 19, 2012

The best way to end a Wedding Day ~ Sunset shoot

I took one last cooling sip from my glass, put my 50mm on and grabbed the camera bag. My stomach did a nervous growl and I proceeded my way to the bride and groom. Sunset time was near. This was my time. Every next move was crucial.

As announced in the previous wedding post, there are some super awesome sunset pictures I still owe you. I can´t tell enough how excited I was about the fact that my last couple considered a sunset shoot. Really? I was soOo psyched and honored about this possibility! My very first wedding sunset shoot! I told my lovely couple in advance that, if they would give me some minutes during the golden hour I wound surprise them with the most romantic atmosphere ever. Twilight and me, we are THIS close. Now, I am lucky to have this couple trusting me enough to sacrifice ten to fifteen minutes of their precious wedding day to me. These were ten minutes spent in adoration and awe of beauty, creation and love on my part. Thank you for your awesome time! I crazily love every single picture of these moments and I was not able to reduce it to a smaller number!!!

I have the hardest time ever choosing one for a canvass!!!!!

But now enough of me!

Enjoy the beauty!!!

And yes, I needed all the exclamation marks!

June 17, 2012

Sunday´s are for feeling at home

Some while ago, I was on one of my journey´s  … I met a wonderful couple.
I had this feeling with them.

I had this feeling with them. You know, this feeling when you simply know deep down. They match. They go together. They have this deep respect.

From stories they shared I understood they were world travelers. They were at home no matter where they found themselves. They were at home in each other. I saw - for them it was of hardly none importance. No matter where they were, no matter what they did… they were home.

I deeply adored this moment.

I wish you a great new week!

June 15, 2012

Bavarian Countryside Wedding

I had just been back from my first longer stay in Italy and desperately was in need for a new apartment. I felt like an alien to the new city, to my German fellow students and to be quite honest with you, I did not want to stay in Würzburg (Bavaria). All of that drastically changed as I opened the door to the apartment which soon would be mine. I had been searching for a new room and I found new friends, new people I felt at ease and at home around. She showed me around and beamed her inviting smile at me. All joy, all positive and all initiative. The time I shared with the bride in our cute student home belongs to my favorite memories from this time in my life. We shared long night talks, movie nights and the occasionally glass of wine on the balcony… and very soon there were added stories of a boyfriend who was full of surprises. There is nothing as beautiful as seeing two people growing closer, cherishing each other and falling deeply in love.

June 11, 2012

Sneak peek

Let me just say... as I came across this picture today, while checking all the cards and pics I had taken for the weekend... it took everything within me not to run around the train and show this pictures to every passenger!

Every.single.bit!!! So beautiful!

 Can´t wait to share more with you later this week!!

 Have a good Monday. 

June 7, 2012

San Galgano

I honestly do enjoy going by train to Germany. Usually I occupy a nice six seat cabin. I have some quiet space to read, answer mails, turn the music up, dance around, do squats, lie down and watch a film and have a really productive editing/writing time. It´s basically like a moving office in which I don´t get bus sick and I admit there are cute controllers.

Here is today’s travel wisdom from Rici:
Always schedule an extra day to get out of Italy. It always rains in Austria when I pass (no exception so far… and I passed through there a LOT).

… and now enough from me. Let´s get down to some new pictures.

Today´s pictures where captured at San Galgano, Tuscany. The ancient, roofless cathedral is one of the most romantic wedding sights around. And let me just add, as the singing started it did not just echo in the cathedral but was carried across the fields which surround the abbey.

June 4, 2012

Some impressions from our oh-so-nice weekend. I filled Alba in on the manual mode on my Nikon and scary enough she rocked it! Like so much! I really love the first picture even if it´s just me goofing around...

June 3, 2012

Sunday´s are for …
Walking into the kitchen and finding flowers on the table. On a grey day. Don´t you just looove it when that happens?