October 30, 2015

Q&A - Wedding Albums - For those who plan

Happy Friday ya´ll!

Today I thought is a good day for some Questions&Answers one of the more frequent questions we get asked by our couples during and after the wedding planning process.
Today I will share the arrival of my very first studio album. Could not be more thrilled about how pretty it is! 

Do we offer wedding albums?
The simple and beautiful answer is yes, we do. :)

October 21, 2015

Romantic Outdoor Wedding - Wanda & Markus

It started out as a rainy day and despite the thick clouds this incredible couple decided to set up the chairs on the field behind the romantic mill. For the first look we met under a broad roof between the hen house and the main house. I just love this well curated place. Every corner you turn is utterly photogenic. And this day? My couple was a dream to be around. They were full of joy and laughter. From the first to the last moment. 

October 19, 2015

Today I wear my PJ to work - Monday Post

Don't´we all love wearing our pyjama?

The unusual about my past weekend was that I shot two weddings in a row. Not the usual one short, one long wedding. No, two long ones. While Friday I got to be at one of my favourite locations south of Stuttgart again, Saturday I shot at a greenhouse wedding!  What joy & beauty awaited. 

This aside I knew I had to prepare the days with sleep and rest well in advance. I packed my favourite food and prepped the car with some stay awake music for driving home late at night. Then there was only the agonising outfit choices to be prepared. Believe it or not... Friday I wore my PJ to work. 
Not what you think, editing in front of the screen, not-seeing-a-single-soul-work-day. It was a wedding day. :) 
There you go, how to wear an italian dress and a PJ top. 
Since I totally forgot to ask someone to take my picture, here is another one, with the same pyjama top. :)

Other highlights were, that I was told I speak Italian with a Spanish accent from a Sicilian. Always a pleasure. And then Sunday (brain function about zero) I placed four baby vases on the mattress of my bed and ten minutes later lifted the mattress to open the bed-drawer... Yeah, my advice: don´t do that...

Here is to rocking your long weekends & being cozy while doing so! 

Have the most wonderful new week!!

Pyjama top: Ralph Lauren Sleepwear (as in 2012)
Dress: Intimissimi
Photo: Thank you ! Jan

October 5, 2015

Fall and Celebrations - Monday Post

I woudln´t have believed it earlier this year but September turned out to be my busiest month. I have shot three long and three short weddings and minor shootings during the week. As the past Saturday came I was excited that my weekend had two full days of pause. 

Not only this but also German Unity Day. I like this day. It is a day I love spending with people I could not have hung out with would the wall not have crumbled. I like this day because it is a reminder that peaceful revolution is possible. I like this day because we have this immense gift of living in a free country. This in times where waves of displaced people remind us that political and religious freedom are not always for granted.
For that and all the other good reasons I asked some very precious ladies to share the day. We had an extended brunch and then a walk in the fall goodness. 

Come along for a happy mash of impressions from this day.

October 2, 2015

Wedding Tamara & Nico

The day we met was just lovely. We laughed a lot and she especially as they told their story of quietly looking at each other for semester after semester till finally in their last week at the university Nico summoned the courage to speak to her. It was the sweetest story and I think I fell in love with them that day. To trump all this they got engaged in Bolzano where I once have studied. You can image we had plenty to share. 

Tamara enchanted me with her classy yet modern style. Her dress is a special design by her and a dress maker from Munich. Oh Gosh! And then there are those portraits where she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. But see it for yourself!