August 26, 2013

Monday Happiness & preview

So here it is again! A new Day and new Week. After a weekend in Bavaria as gray as the darkest November noon, I was about to jump head start into a rainy depression. I mean it´s August (!!) and already now I could not shake of the feeling that the next six months will be filled with this kind of fruit-friendly-growing-weather. As I put on my black trench for a Sunday walk in the rain I found myself with two possible solutions to the problem. 1. either get a really colorful trench or 2. flee to Italia. 
So which one of the two I have chosen will be announced in near future. Till then I am very, super happy to declare: I have found the BEST twitter account on this whole planet!! I came across it last week and and gray rain drops immediately turned into golden fluff balls. NO KIDDING.
It is a Minion account! You can find all the tweets under @TypicalMinions!

Here just a couple of my favorites:

"best friends don't let you do stupid things, alone"

"there needs to be a day between saturday and sunday" (agreed)

"i want to be the reason why you look down at your phone, smile and then walk into a pole"

Ah!I love it so much. I giggled like a twelve year old, scrolling through the tweets and no there is no logical explanation why I freak so out about them! If you have mailed me on Facebook and all I did was reply with Minion stickers... sorry that I´m not sorry. 

What else is News? I was finally able to decide for a new Link color for my Twitter account. I know, productive, right? Check it out and let me know if you like it. Secretly I´m doing a little market research but. shhh.

AND last: I was able to do a couple shoot near Würzburg. I had hoped that this would come around and was beyond thrilled as this lovely girl gave me a call. Thrilled is an understatement. But more of this will come soon. 

So have a very happy Monday!

~  Saluti.  ~

August 19, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

I can´t figure out why, but I still expect myself to shoot way less than I actually do. So this Saturday I had a lovely wedding shoot and in my naiveness did not have more than 700 shoots on my main camera. Yep. I mean 700 images for two hours. So we were somewhere in the enchanted woods when I saw the counter down to twenty-four shots. Uh...  Luckily I had the second camera loaded with more memory card space and was able to happily shoot away after switching. What do we learn from that?  ... never, ever again trust your index finger. Which directly leads me to a goal I meant to set up for the following weeks. Usually I always shoot with one camera in hand and maybe another one sitting in a bad in some corner. Unfortunately this means when I need a lens swoop I loose a couple of seconds. And sometimes it´s exactly these precious seconds you really don´t wanna miss. So, here is the deal: I will push myself to practice shooting with two cameras. Just for the sake of giving it a try. And for those precious moments.

I´m most happy to share a small preview of the sweetest couple I was able to accompany last Saturday! So thrilled about her hair color and the field were came across. :)
More of them will come to the Blog soooon.

Have a great new Monday!

~  Saluti.  ~

August 8, 2013

Married:Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part II

This might sound ridiculous to you, but whenever a couple decides to give me a bit of time in the evening I always feel like I have won the main prize. There is nothing like shooting with the newly wed in the sunset glow! Truly, it is making me the happiest of all people. :) Despite being them who just got hitched, haha. Never mind. So whatever you give me, be it ten minutes or thirty. I take it and run with it.
Not.even. exaggerating!

August 5, 2013

Happy Monday

I took another stroke. Breathed in, held it, exhaled in bubbles. Again. Breathing in the peaceful nothingness under water. The friends call had come unexpected and yes, threw off my plans for today... but hey. It´s summer, it´s 33° C again and just because today my schedule is flexible, I went along. Swimming lane after lane, my brain slowed down with the rhythm of my arms pushing back a new meter of water. I savor moments as these. When all noise is drowned, my ideas become more graspable, more readable. My head seems to fall in order. I love moments like these. Yes, I also love swimming, ha! Who would have thought?!?
So today I was streamlining ideas about Monday´s, a fresh start, a summer and time ahead to be filled.  I was thinking about dreams and wondering if there is a point of no return. When you have dared so much and worked so hard. When you are in the sprint and there is no turning back. When obstacles are subsiding. And lane after lane is not becoming harder or more tiring, but ... scary easier.

August 2, 2013

Relaxed Friday

Here is a tip to start you relaxed Friday just right:
if you happen to be in a place like me, where it is simply to hot to bake a cake or make a batch of muffins like any good Friday would deserve you can do this:
Take a brioche, croissant or other backed good; take the (in my case brittle) chocolate out of the fridge; put in the sun for two and a half minutes... put on the brioche and volá: chocolate goodie to start the weekend with. To serve with cold cafè.

I know this was wisdom itself.
Have a very beautiful, summery weekend!!

~  Tanti Saluti.   ~ 

Image from Pinterest.

August 1, 2013

Married: Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part I

Where to begin? Well maybe with the first thing that popped into my head as Sarah told me about her engagement and about plans and eyes spilling over with joy...  some months back at our kitchen table. I had my knees pulled up on our kitchen bench and goose bumps just did not stop coming as she told me about horses, fields and summer. "Three daughters married." as exclaimed Mrs Bennet to Mr Bennet at the end of Pride and Prejudice. Yes this was the line which came to my mind. Just that in my case it´s not my daughters but my dear roomies! What sweet joy was I able to share into? Not just one day or one week, but all the months prior. The joy of knowing that two people very dear to me are about to tie the knot.