December 30, 2012

Sunday´s ...

... are for wise words.

I yet have to fully grasp the meaning of these smart words but I think they are quite magnificent.

I hope you have the most beautiful of Sundays.
See YOU in the YEAR 2013!!



December 22, 2012

Glimpses of December

my door / window / pin board
pasta / fighter / door bell

steam on pasta / blue structure / earrings with notes and Italian words like allegro :)

December 20, 2012

Mixed feelings

Mixed feelings…

Do you love the busy, hustle and bustle before Christmas? The secret gift shopping… the scent of extra yummy cookies greeting you at the front door of your home… the kitschy music in each and every single store you enter? I always loved it. The whole excitement. The anticipation of home, of family and all reunited.
But some things have changed. Have altered my feelings towards this merry holiday in such a  way that I some days wished the day would not come or I could jump some weeks ahead and leave skip it. You see Christmas like no other holiday is about family and being all happily together. But what do you do, if … if families are not together anymore…? If, I dare say it, if they crumble … fall apart. Well then this time of year is probably not your friend. And I want to be real and honest. I have very mixed feelings about Christmas. I love it and I dread it. At.the.same.time.

December 16, 2012


... are for reflecting.

On life... humans... God´s creation and how it´s all tied together. This verse came into my head while I was thinking about my purpose. Do you know these days? When you come to a halt in your strain of thoughts and ponder upon your purpose? Your worth... 

December 14, 2012

Glimpses from ~ Behind the lens

Since my friends Lena and Simeon knew how much I would love to have some images from Behind the lens, from the hustle and bustle and me at work... they were kind enough to shoot some images my way. Those following were taken by friends. Really cool!!

Thank you ever so kindly.

December 8, 2012

Christmas Mini - Sessions

You are looking for a Christmas gift? 
Something personal?

How about some pictures of you for you loved ones?
How about a photo shoot to surprise someone dear to you?

December 7, 2012

Relaxed Friday

Today I have no words of wisdom or beauty for you.
It´s a cold wintery Friday and we are about to have our own  little party tonight. Just the roommates. While I run around the apartment, throw around paper, ribbons, lights and the such one of my roomies is stuck in her last exam session.

So here is to a jolly mix of creative chaos and study atmosphere at home:

December 2, 2012

Sunday´s are for

... a snapshot.

I just kinda fell in love with this hat ;-) during yesterday´s Christmas Market. 

Have a most wonderful new week!

~   Saluti.   ~