October 25, 2013

Creation of a wedding

A summer wedding many Saturdays ago, swept me away in the most particular manner. Most probably this was because it was this special day of friends. And as friends are sometimes, you are able to witness more and deeper and longer the unfolding joy of the wedding celebration. With Sarah and Seppi´s wedding (which you can enjoy here and here) we were able to stay three entire days at their little village in the north of Germany. Thus included in the colorful preparation, the laughters unfolding, the hugs of friends arriving.
The joy.

I took this opportunity to journal not just with pen in hand but also with my lenses... so. Come along on a small journey!

As every good day starts with a sunrise, this was no different.
A personal favorite moment of mine.

October 21, 2013

A wish list ~ Dreams are part of the business

Dreams are scary at times. especially the big ones, the ones which excite you to the point you would not tell someone about them. Because, lets say it, they scare the friggin´daylight out of you...

Wedding photography was a dream like this once. I did not tell friends or family as this crazy spark had jumped my mind and lit a fire. I held it to myself, till one day I sat in an attic surrounded by old and new found friends and someone turned to me and said, why not? Why not do it.
Slowly I found courage to say wishes out loud and slowly these dreams were followed by actions. Of course, this was a long road. Months and years had been ticked of the calender.

Reading across the photography bloggosphere I realize, we all have these dreams and some write them out loud. Some share and light new sparks and fires along the way.
AND I understand dreams are part of the business.

October 14, 2013

For the Monday

This past weekend, for the first time I met a person and this person knew my hair-do from following my Facebook page. This was the very first time something like this happened and I would like to take a quiet moment of delighted celebration. I mean here I am... writing small things on my little Blog and posting a picture every now and then... but that people actually recognize my hair-do! Oh that indeed flatters me. And I´m honestly considering to write a post specifically on this up-do because so many people ask about it. 

October 10, 2013

Married: Anita & Daniele

As Jan had written to me about this wedding I squeaked, and danced and I absolutely knew I had to come with him, no matter what. It was a German-Italian wedding! Let me just say: ITALIAN! (please image a high pitched singing voice) Kill me, I had to be there!

Our feet had just touched the ground and our eyes scanned the location, it was obvious. A dream of a location. My excitement grew with every heartbeat. A park, a wood, a garden... all within walking distance of the hotel and church and party location.  In fact my excitement mingled with the nervousness in my stomach of still being new to Jan´s team and the constant fear of dropping one of his wonderful lenses. Yup, this was about the state in which I entered the bridal suite. But the first glimpse of this absolutely gorgeous bride, the first whispered word in Italian and I knew what to do. I was back in the game. This was why I had come. <3. To say this was a perfect wedding day for me is an understatement. I was in my personal photography haven!

October 3, 2013

Counting till twelve

For today I wanted to share something small and personal and joyous.
It´s German Reunion Day. :)

So ... the usual best way to be grateful is counting my gifts. Here are the highlights from today, jotted down on paper and with ink during my train ride.

Today I´m grateful for ... 

October 2, 2013

E-session: Julia & Andre

My Würzburg friends had already noticed it... this summer I spent more weekends in Stuttgart than here. Sometimes even the weeks... and now I´m super duper thrilled to share my very first engagement session from a beautiful evening in the park. So we met up and sat down and only three minutes into the conversation we discovered that we are all from the same part of Germany! Don´t you just love it, when that happens? And then we talked some more and shared. They had met during the first week of starting their studies. Little did he know that this would lead to a not willing to let her go.ever.again. This first week marked the beginning of not only university. Just as they have faced the struggle of a first week, they also came to share a friendship across towns and countries. Finally working and living in the same city, sharing a life and sharing an engagement ring.
Dear Julia & Andre! I had such a blast getting to know you and seeing your happy and wonderful easy-going characters unfold in front of my lens! Thank you for this great time! I so can´t wait for your wedding in an English garden! Kill me! It will be awesomeness!