July 30, 2013

Friends ~ a mini shoot

Some days - actually no, cross that out. All days, each and every single day we need somebody at our side. As in real people, to meet with face to face. To hang out with after the work craziness. To share highs and lows with. And usually we all need more of that and of telling each other how very much we enjoy their presence in our lives. Because along with other precious things we (I include myself) do that far to little, far to seldom. Here is to a friendship of two girls. To shared time in fields, watching the sunset with a glass of red wine in your hand and a kind soul giggling next to you.

Because we all need that. Steffi, thank you for surprising Lisa with a birthday shoot! I was actually really stunned  how flawlessly both of your hair colors matched the corn in the small field we sat in between the rows of wine.

July 29, 2013

Lesson learned and a Preview

Soft rain is cooling the face of the city... after weeks of beautiful summer heat, it is just the perfect quiet Monday I needed. More importantly for myself, I´m winding down after a weekend full of "epicness". No kidding! Last weekend was filled with beauty and love and ah horses like no other before!

Before I can share all the beauty with you I thought about parting with a couple of lessons learned from my last weekend in the north of Germany. So if you ever go to a forest wedding, remember to bring the mosquito spray! Yes, big times! I somehow miraculously forgot and after beginning to scratch myself to death was ever so thankful for friends who helped me out with bug spray.

Shooting on one of the warmest days (something close to 40° C) of the year I was incredibly blessed with a kind assistant. A friend of the bride and I gave me a helping hand during the ceremony on Saturday.  Every now and then she approached me with a water bottle and a kind inquiry about my circulation I felt there was an angel looking out for me. Maybe I should consider bringing somebody to assist more often, realizing I´m so much more a team player than a  one person show.

Now enough of me; here is the promised preview from the most marvelous horse wedding EVER.

More to come soooon!!

Have the most beautiful new week!

~   Saluti.   ~

July 8, 2013

A sneak peek

With a blanket.
In a field.
Some days that´s all it needs.

More to come soon.

Have a good one!

~   Saluti.   ~

A door

... to go out and start a new week.
... to turn over a fresh page.
... to write a new story.

Lets got out & do what we can.

Happy Monday friends!

Till soon.

Tanti Saluti!

July 6, 2013

Sarah & Seppi

For this post, like for no other, I have no good words to start. No funny idea how to put in words all the things which rush through my head when I think of Sarah & Seppi. You see, Sarah and I have been roomies. And as it sometimes happens with roomies, we grew closer than I would have thought and without me noticing it Sarah became a fixture in my German live. I looked forward to her coming home very late and hearing her subtle knock at my door. I looked forward to you know... just a couple minutes turning into hours of wonderful conversations. I looked forward to Sundays, because sometimes Seppi would come over and we would have the longest Sunday breakfasts which could ever be. Sometimes he came even the night before because, you know,  there are so many things to talk about. Sometimes he made bread, sometimes we made cookies. When I think of Sarah, I think of hours spent in the kitchen, usually talking. Or bumping into her on my way to the kitchen in the morning... between the doors and in the hall and all of the sudden 45 minutes have passed. 

July 3, 2013

Library Love: Conny & Daniel Part II

"I don't have to look far to find treasures. I discover them every time I visit a library."
Michael Embry

Usually it´s always really hard to pick a favorite part of a wedding day... because usually I love almost ALL of it. But with this one lovely wedding I already shared some right joy here, well it was easy! You see, each and every love story is unique and has these little special details and for me as a photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more than include bits and pieces of this story in my photography. So we were in a library!!! But not just any library but the very building where Conny and Daniel slowly, quietly formed a deeper interest for each other. Where a vague ohh ...this friend turned to a this is him!! Where treasures in words became a treasure in a friend to face forever with. 

July 1, 2013

Monday Happyness

The sweetness of opening the eyes in the morning and finding this cute self made bouquet on my windowsill. To greet the morning of a new day.

Soft morning light spills in and mingles with the fragrance of garden roses and lavender.
Oh summer!

A very happy Monday to you!