December 26, 2013


Dear friend,

I hope you have a marvelous time.
Here is something small. For the love of out of focus Christmas trees, cream colored fonts and swirls.
May your heart be light ^^.

"That was the true Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." ~ John 1,9

Till soon!

December 19, 2013

Meet: Rieke & Lukas

It was one cold and gray December day. We decided to met and give this weather a try. I had assured this cute couple that the high humidity will be beyond awesome in the images. Scrolling through their portraits I´m overwhelmed with the beauty, with  the cozy flair, with embraces and giggles. Just marvelous.
As Rieke contacted me she mentioned that I would be the first person to take pictures of them as a couple. What an honor! Thank you for your trust. For this incredible fun time and for facing the cold fearlessly and with gracious poise. 

December 12, 2013


Never did a dark December evening look better than yesterday!
Just a tiny preview of more goodness to come your way soon. I could not keep this one to myself any longer ;-)


December 11, 2013

Walking in the mist ~ first mini workshop

On my shy and quiet list of silent dreams this year, there was this one item. Yeah, it contained paying forward some of the many things I had learned and soaked in, in this photography industry. I was shy about it because I thought I had not learned enough, did not know enough. Just not enough to give it and to explain, might even teach. SO this inquiry came the at right time. I knew the group and peeps and somehow this helped to overcome the insecurity. So one misty Saturday not long ago we met up, walked outside, explored with the lenses in front of our eyes. Of course these ninety minutes were way to short. But it was lovely. It was great to give something. It was a start!
I hope there is more to come. From giving and paying forward. From learning from each other.

So here are some of the favorites from walking in the mist. In the dark and gray. From winter in Germany.
If I might be honest I thought this was a very poetic kind of gray. Of dark and of making other colors pop beside the settled dust on the lake.

December 9, 2013

Juliane ~ Portraits

Today I´m most happy to share some images from my friend. You could call her sunshine. I call her my brain. She has the ish together, while I tent to forget things. Together we have a bible study group at our local Christ Crusade group and honestly I think we have the most fun of them all. Whenever we meet up for preparation it is usually laughter and giggles and chuckles from beginning to end.

Juliane is the one who introduced me to DespicableMe. Which means I owe her big times. As in forever. hihi.
So here we go; enjoy the mini portrait session I had with my Minion-in-crime!