March 21, 2014

Meeting Justin&Mary ~ A day I have dreamed about

Vianne had just lit the last of the candles on the little coffee table in the midst of the sofas. We were on our own in the apartment. The three of us. Time to relax. It was November and it was gray-cold outside. Self-made pizza in our labs. I shared with these two girls how much I would love to have people here to dream big with. To sit down and encourage one another, to go after these impossibilities. I had once again read about the What-If conference in the States, which is a conference for creative entrepreneurs, in search for new ways to push the limits of their imagination.  
On this gray-cold night we decided we don´t need this conference. We can start right here. So we started sharing. And believe me, it sure sounds weird finding yourself trying to formulate these hidden, big dreams which have been playing hide and seek in the corner of your mind. To put these dreams into words for the first time... well... to speak them out loud, for others to hear... BIG one.

So phrase after phrase we watched confidence rising in the spoken lines, in the shy wishes and I told Vianne & Mau that my dream is to one day meet Justin&Mary in person. Not my only one... but certainly a big one and most certainly at this time, one which seemed sheerly out of reach. Like widely impossible. It was my dream to not just meet them at a conference or workshop but to actually hang out for a little bit. To share time and have time to talk.
Dreams are a funny business. They mean hardly anything if you do not take action. So this same winter, I wrote an email to Justin& Mary. Not my first one, but certainly one which made me nervous. Veryyyy nervous. 

March 19, 2014

A shoot just for us ~ Corrie & Dave

It was a great idea from Jan. to warm up. To start the year and to shoot together. 
So this morning we met. Outside of town. Just as the morning dust was about to settle. We met with Cory & Dave, which volunteered to be our models.
Like I said. We were on our little get together for us. To take new challenges,  to push the limits of our own creativity & to simply practice our skill. 

March 18, 2014

A lil´Sneak Peek

More from this lovely session and our in-the-woods-workshop will come soon to the Blog.

Have a lovely evening!

March 14, 2014

Have a lovely weekend!

This image was taken with a small green crystal next to the lens, on the lower left corner. I was trying to create some in camera lens blur. :)

March 13, 2014

New in the family

It is cute, it looks good and it has something blue.

Now I finally understand why God gave me two hands :)
One to hold the camera the other one to hold this new darling baby of mine. 
Of course this is a tiny exaggeration... Just a tiny one. It was a birthday gift and I got used to it so very quickly. My father asked me yesterday if I put it under my pillow when I go to sleep... Yeah kind of.
Let´s admit it... these apple items not only look good, they are one heck of addictive as well...