December 26, 2013


Dear friend,

I hope you have a marvelous time.
Here is something small. For the love of out of focus Christmas trees, cream colored fonts and swirls.
May your heart be light ^^.

"That was the true Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." ~ John 1,9

Till soon!

December 19, 2013

Meet: Rieke & Lukas

It was one cold and gray December day. We decided to met and give this weather a try. I had assured this cute couple that the high humidity will be beyond awesome in the images. Scrolling through their portraits I´m overwhelmed with the beauty, with  the cozy flair, with embraces and giggles. Just marvelous.
As Rieke contacted me she mentioned that I would be the first person to take pictures of them as a couple. What an honor! Thank you for your trust. For this incredible fun time and for facing the cold fearlessly and with gracious poise. 

December 12, 2013


Never did a dark December evening look better than yesterday!
Just a tiny preview of more goodness to come your way soon. I could not keep this one to myself any longer ;-)


December 11, 2013

Walking in the mist ~ first mini workshop

On my shy and quiet list of silent dreams this year, there was this one item. Yeah, it contained paying forward some of the many things I had learned and soaked in, in this photography industry. I was shy about it because I thought I had not learned enough, did not know enough. Just not enough to give it and to explain, might even teach. SO this inquiry came the at right time. I knew the group and peeps and somehow this helped to overcome the insecurity. So one misty Saturday not long ago we met up, walked outside, explored with the lenses in front of our eyes. Of course these ninety minutes were way to short. But it was lovely. It was great to give something. It was a start!
I hope there is more to come. From giving and paying forward. From learning from each other.

So here are some of the favorites from walking in the mist. In the dark and gray. From winter in Germany.
If I might be honest I thought this was a very poetic kind of gray. Of dark and of making other colors pop beside the settled dust on the lake.

December 9, 2013

Juliane ~ Portraits

Today I´m most happy to share some images from my friend. You could call her sunshine. I call her my brain. She has the ish together, while I tent to forget things. Together we have a bible study group at our local Christ Crusade group and honestly I think we have the most fun of them all. Whenever we meet up for preparation it is usually laughter and giggles and chuckles from beginning to end.

Juliane is the one who introduced me to DespicableMe. Which means I owe her big times. As in forever. hihi.
So here we go; enjoy the mini portrait session I had with my Minion-in-crime!

October 25, 2013

Creation of a wedding

A summer wedding many Saturdays ago, swept me away in the most particular manner. Most probably this was because it was this special day of friends. And as friends are sometimes, you are able to witness more and deeper and longer the unfolding joy of the wedding celebration. With Sarah and Seppi´s wedding (which you can enjoy here and here) we were able to stay three entire days at their little village in the north of Germany. Thus included in the colorful preparation, the laughters unfolding, the hugs of friends arriving.
The joy.

I took this opportunity to journal not just with pen in hand but also with my lenses... so. Come along on a small journey!

As every good day starts with a sunrise, this was no different.
A personal favorite moment of mine.

October 21, 2013

A wish list ~ Dreams are part of the business

Dreams are scary at times. especially the big ones, the ones which excite you to the point you would not tell someone about them. Because, lets say it, they scare the friggin´daylight out of you...

Wedding photography was a dream like this once. I did not tell friends or family as this crazy spark had jumped my mind and lit a fire. I held it to myself, till one day I sat in an attic surrounded by old and new found friends and someone turned to me and said, why not? Why not do it.
Slowly I found courage to say wishes out loud and slowly these dreams were followed by actions. Of course, this was a long road. Months and years had been ticked of the calender.

Reading across the photography bloggosphere I realize, we all have these dreams and some write them out loud. Some share and light new sparks and fires along the way.
AND I understand dreams are part of the business.

October 14, 2013

For the Monday

This past weekend, for the first time I met a person and this person knew my hair-do from following my Facebook page. This was the very first time something like this happened and I would like to take a quiet moment of delighted celebration. I mean here I am... writing small things on my little Blog and posting a picture every now and then... but that people actually recognize my hair-do! Oh that indeed flatters me. And I´m honestly considering to write a post specifically on this up-do because so many people ask about it. 

October 10, 2013

Married: Anita & Daniele

As Jan had written to me about this wedding I squeaked, and danced and I absolutely knew I had to come with him, no matter what. It was a German-Italian wedding! Let me just say: ITALIAN! (please image a high pitched singing voice) Kill me, I had to be there!

Our feet had just touched the ground and our eyes scanned the location, it was obvious. A dream of a location. My excitement grew with every heartbeat. A park, a wood, a garden... all within walking distance of the hotel and church and party location.  In fact my excitement mingled with the nervousness in my stomach of still being new to Jan´s team and the constant fear of dropping one of his wonderful lenses. Yup, this was about the state in which I entered the bridal suite. But the first glimpse of this absolutely gorgeous bride, the first whispered word in Italian and I knew what to do. I was back in the game. This was why I had come. <3. To say this was a perfect wedding day for me is an understatement. I was in my personal photography haven!

October 3, 2013

Counting till twelve

For today I wanted to share something small and personal and joyous.
It´s German Reunion Day. :)

So ... the usual best way to be grateful is counting my gifts. Here are the highlights from today, jotted down on paper and with ink during my train ride.

Today I´m grateful for ... 

October 2, 2013

E-session: Julia & Andre

My Würzburg friends had already noticed it... this summer I spent more weekends in Stuttgart than here. Sometimes even the weeks... and now I´m super duper thrilled to share my very first engagement session from a beautiful evening in the park. So we met up and sat down and only three minutes into the conversation we discovered that we are all from the same part of Germany! Don´t you just love it, when that happens? And then we talked some more and shared. They had met during the first week of starting their studies. Little did he know that this would lead to a not willing to let her go.ever.again. This first week marked the beginning of not only university. Just as they have faced the struggle of a first week, they also came to share a friendship across towns and countries. Finally working and living in the same city, sharing a life and sharing an engagement ring.
Dear Julia & Andre! I had such a blast getting to know you and seeing your happy and wonderful easy-going characters unfold in front of my lens! Thank you for this great time! I so can´t wait for your wedding in an English garden! Kill me! It will be awesomeness!

September 30, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

Crisp air, lovely sprinkled sky and woolen socks kinda morning.

This morning I was standing on the balcony... observing the trees below and taking in all the fall colors which have begun to spread across town.
And seeing how this absolutely gorgeous September is coming to an end I remembered Mary´s fall bucket list. I loved the idea, to have a list of things you really wanna do this fall. So good. 

1) gather the peps from Crusade in my town and take an afternoon walk around the city on a Sunday
2) go to the movies, like for real. Haven´t been in ages.
3) buy cute rain boots ~ Germany :/
4) get something Scottish styled, patterned (blanket, scarf, ^boots or hat) 
5) make my own butter bread cookies (Scottish style)
6) go to a country music night with a friend
7) make something with pumpkins, as in cookin´.
* extra item, not realistic, escape to Italia for some days again :)

So what is on your list for this fall?

And since every Blog post is soooo much better with an image... here is a very beautiful preview from my first engagement session in Stuttgart.

Can´t wait to share more of this lovely couple later this week!

Have a beautiful Monday!

~   Saluti.  ~

September 27, 2013

E-session: Christina & Jacob

In my head I was going through the last months of my Bavarian life. Was it true? Was this honestly the first engagement session I ever shot here? Man! I was thrilled as Christina contacted me with her news. Actually cross that out! I was leaping-off-my-chair, dancing-around, doing-Minion-moves-kinda-thrilled! Since Christina is not only a client but first of all a friend, well it took a lot to wait till she got back to Germany and start planning and not to call her directly abroad. She is one of my steady friends and go to´s whenever things get rough and atmosphere feels tooo stuck in the south of Germany. She is one of my international peps. No where settled, everywhere at home. She an Jacob go way back, as in almost a decade of together. Of facing living in different countries spanning all across Europe. Of getting through it all and of always sticking together. My year in Tuscany was their year in London. So this passion for a town on the big isle was a very wonderful theme to plan our shoot around. I was absolutely happy how colorful and happy and lively this time with them turned out to be. 

Thank you for the joy and the trust and the honor of documenting your love! I can´t wait for the wedding next year! Ah, even more of this goodness! <3

September 26, 2013

Sunrise session: Gown Love

My roomy could not believe her eyes as she woke up a couple of days ago and found me all up and about in the kitchen... making tea and preparing breakfast. Short: awake at her time...
Well, there are just very few things I´m willing to get up to.early. And one for sure is a good ole sunrise session. Finally it was here. With Linda and a gorgeous gown once more, lovingly provided by Marialla and sunrise morning goodness. Yes for this, it is always worth getting up way early. And to be quite honest, sunrises are a whole lot later in September than in June ;)

Soooo, here is to gorgeous gowns and early birds!

ENjoy the beauty!

September 20, 2013

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes ~ Newborn portraits

Today I´m grateful for ten tiny toes.
For a warm, cuddly place in a cute apartment.
For two sets of giant hands caring.
For cozy blankets with smiley giraffes on them. 
For a homemade latte macchiato on the bed stand. 
For a sweet welcome scribbled in chalk white on a kitchen board.

Today I´m extra super thankful for the first of my beautiful couples welcoming a new life into this world. 
As Lena & Simeon wrote me the happy mail about their beautiful baby girl having made the journey of her young life, I had to use an extra special amount of happy exclamation marks. Oh sweet life! My first couple with a baby! 

September 18, 2013

Lago di Como ~ La Rici

"Nothing in the world can be compared to the fascination of these scalding days, spent at the Milano lakes."
~ Stenhal.
(Forgive my rough translation)

"Niente al mondo può essere paragonato al fascino di queste giornate ardenti trascorse sui laghi del Milanese."

We did not have unbearable heat but it was all the more beautiful for the two days we were able to spent in this small paradise. :)
More travel images will come soon.

Taaaanti salutiiiii.

September 12, 2013

Married: Esther & Michael

It started on an ordinary afternoon. A meeting among friends, familiar faces. As Esther had prepared a nice cake and come to the apartment of a friend. This time although was different, since there was a new face among this small group. Soon this new guy turned to be familiar in Esther's weeks and their friendship took a turn to being more than just friends. It turned to familiar, to best friends and companions for life. Michael, I loved to see your gentle way of holding the girl of your dreams. The kindness of your eyes, when you look at her.
Thank you for the honor of sharing most beautiful moments on your wedding day. Thank you for taking me to your special places. To where your friendship turned into being something more. Where dreams about forever have begun. I hope that you love like this forever.

September 5, 2013

Late Summer Portrait Session

Summer is back! Let´s make use of this gorgeous turn of weather to capture some more incredible portrait sessions this September.
Shoot me a line if you are interested in a session, any kind of session... portrait, couple, friends.
This is especially for the people in and around Würzburg. :)

I´m sooo looking forward to hear from you and have a great time in the late summer sun.

Till super soon,

September 4, 2013

Who said cheese cakes have to be sweet? ~ For those who plan

Get inspired ~ 

We sat on the white floor, I had a couple of magazines in my hand. I was visiting and together we browsed ideas. She had gotten engaged just recently and from the tingling, new excitement we were trying to narrow down some ideas. In the process the turned to me and asked, where do you even begin? Where do you look when you want to do things different? Maybe you, dear reader, don´t necessarily need different but simply personal. Something that reflects you and your loved one.
So here are some ideas I came up with.

Where to begin ~ 
One of the things I always ask couples to prepare for an engagement session is: What are things you like to do together? Think about activities which you like to do with your spouse, passions and hobbies you share. Maybe there is a sport you share, a country you both love.
This is usually a great starting point to collect some creativeness around. :)

The search ~
Once you have found a starting point or a theme, a color, a hobby it is really great to dive into online searching. There are literally tons of wedding Blogs out there! So here I will draw on a very limited selection of Blogs I read regularly... if you would like more on the topic, let me know and I can fill a different post with this :)
The first Blog I kindA fell in love with was Green Wedding Shoes. It is full of outfdoorsy love affairs and filled to the brim with DoItYouslef ideas. Another incredibly good source of inspiration is Grey Likes Weddings. It has weddings categorized by colors and themes, do I need to say more? And to round of my almost weekly check list there would be Style me Pretty, a must for chick and stylish ideas all around the biggest day EVER.

August 26, 2013

Monday Happiness & preview

So here it is again! A new Day and new Week. After a weekend in Bavaria as gray as the darkest November noon, I was about to jump head start into a rainy depression. I mean it´s August (!!) and already now I could not shake of the feeling that the next six months will be filled with this kind of fruit-friendly-growing-weather. As I put on my black trench for a Sunday walk in the rain I found myself with two possible solutions to the problem. 1. either get a really colorful trench or 2. flee to Italia. 
So which one of the two I have chosen will be announced in near future. Till then I am very, super happy to declare: I have found the BEST twitter account on this whole planet!! I came across it last week and and gray rain drops immediately turned into golden fluff balls. NO KIDDING.
It is a Minion account! You can find all the tweets under @TypicalMinions!

Here just a couple of my favorites:

"best friends don't let you do stupid things, alone"

"there needs to be a day between saturday and sunday" (agreed)

"i want to be the reason why you look down at your phone, smile and then walk into a pole"

Ah!I love it so much. I giggled like a twelve year old, scrolling through the tweets and no there is no logical explanation why I freak so out about them! If you have mailed me on Facebook and all I did was reply with Minion stickers... sorry that I´m not sorry. 

What else is News? I was finally able to decide for a new Link color for my Twitter account. I know, productive, right? Check it out and let me know if you like it. Secretly I´m doing a little market research but. shhh.

AND last: I was able to do a couple shoot near Würzburg. I had hoped that this would come around and was beyond thrilled as this lovely girl gave me a call. Thrilled is an understatement. But more of this will come soon. 

So have a very happy Monday!

~  Saluti.  ~

August 19, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

I can´t figure out why, but I still expect myself to shoot way less than I actually do. So this Saturday I had a lovely wedding shoot and in my naiveness did not have more than 700 shoots on my main camera. Yep. I mean 700 images for two hours. So we were somewhere in the enchanted woods when I saw the counter down to twenty-four shots. Uh...  Luckily I had the second camera loaded with more memory card space and was able to happily shoot away after switching. What do we learn from that?  ... never, ever again trust your index finger. Which directly leads me to a goal I meant to set up for the following weeks. Usually I always shoot with one camera in hand and maybe another one sitting in a bad in some corner. Unfortunately this means when I need a lens swoop I loose a couple of seconds. And sometimes it´s exactly these precious seconds you really don´t wanna miss. So, here is the deal: I will push myself to practice shooting with two cameras. Just for the sake of giving it a try. And for those precious moments.

I´m most happy to share a small preview of the sweetest couple I was able to accompany last Saturday! So thrilled about her hair color and the field were came across. :)
More of them will come to the Blog soooon.

Have a great new Monday!

~  Saluti.  ~

August 8, 2013

Married:Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part II

This might sound ridiculous to you, but whenever a couple decides to give me a bit of time in the evening I always feel like I have won the main prize. There is nothing like shooting with the newly wed in the sunset glow! Truly, it is making me the happiest of all people. :) Despite being them who just got hitched, haha. Never mind. So whatever you give me, be it ten minutes or thirty. I take it and run with it.
Not.even. exaggerating!

August 5, 2013

Happy Monday

I took another stroke. Breathed in, held it, exhaled in bubbles. Again. Breathing in the peaceful nothingness under water. The friends call had come unexpected and yes, threw off my plans for today... but hey. It´s summer, it´s 33° C again and just because today my schedule is flexible, I went along. Swimming lane after lane, my brain slowed down with the rhythm of my arms pushing back a new meter of water. I savor moments as these. When all noise is drowned, my ideas become more graspable, more readable. My head seems to fall in order. I love moments like these. Yes, I also love swimming, ha! Who would have thought?!?
So today I was streamlining ideas about Monday´s, a fresh start, a summer and time ahead to be filled.  I was thinking about dreams and wondering if there is a point of no return. When you have dared so much and worked so hard. When you are in the sprint and there is no turning back. When obstacles are subsiding. And lane after lane is not becoming harder or more tiring, but ... scary easier.

August 2, 2013

Relaxed Friday

Here is a tip to start you relaxed Friday just right:
if you happen to be in a place like me, where it is simply to hot to bake a cake or make a batch of muffins like any good Friday would deserve you can do this:
Take a brioche, croissant or other backed good; take the (in my case brittle) chocolate out of the fridge; put in the sun for two and a half minutes... put on the brioche and volá: chocolate goodie to start the weekend with. To serve with cold cafè.

I know this was wisdom itself.
Have a very beautiful, summery weekend!!

~  Tanti Saluti.   ~ 

Image from Pinterest.

August 1, 2013

Married: Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part I

Where to begin? Well maybe with the first thing that popped into my head as Sarah told me about her engagement and about plans and eyes spilling over with joy...  some months back at our kitchen table. I had my knees pulled up on our kitchen bench and goose bumps just did not stop coming as she told me about horses, fields and summer. "Three daughters married." as exclaimed Mrs Bennet to Mr Bennet at the end of Pride and Prejudice. Yes this was the line which came to my mind. Just that in my case it´s not my daughters but my dear roomies! What sweet joy was I able to share into? Not just one day or one week, but all the months prior. The joy of knowing that two people very dear to me are about to tie the knot.

July 30, 2013

Friends ~ a mini shoot

Some days - actually no, cross that out. All days, each and every single day we need somebody at our side. As in real people, to meet with face to face. To hang out with after the work craziness. To share highs and lows with. And usually we all need more of that and of telling each other how very much we enjoy their presence in our lives. Because along with other precious things we (I include myself) do that far to little, far to seldom. Here is to a friendship of two girls. To shared time in fields, watching the sunset with a glass of red wine in your hand and a kind soul giggling next to you.

Because we all need that. Steffi, thank you for surprising Lisa with a birthday shoot! I was actually really stunned  how flawlessly both of your hair colors matched the corn in the small field we sat in between the rows of wine.

July 29, 2013

Lesson learned and a Preview

Soft rain is cooling the face of the city... after weeks of beautiful summer heat, it is just the perfect quiet Monday I needed. More importantly for myself, I´m winding down after a weekend full of "epicness". No kidding! Last weekend was filled with beauty and love and ah horses like no other before!

Before I can share all the beauty with you I thought about parting with a couple of lessons learned from my last weekend in the north of Germany. So if you ever go to a forest wedding, remember to bring the mosquito spray! Yes, big times! I somehow miraculously forgot and after beginning to scratch myself to death was ever so thankful for friends who helped me out with bug spray.

Shooting on one of the warmest days (something close to 40° C) of the year I was incredibly blessed with a kind assistant. A friend of the bride and I gave me a helping hand during the ceremony on Saturday.  Every now and then she approached me with a water bottle and a kind inquiry about my circulation I felt there was an angel looking out for me. Maybe I should consider bringing somebody to assist more often, realizing I´m so much more a team player than a  one person show.

Now enough of me; here is the promised preview from the most marvelous horse wedding EVER.

More to come soooon!!

Have the most beautiful new week!

~   Saluti.   ~

July 8, 2013

A sneak peek

With a blanket.
In a field.
Some days that´s all it needs.

More to come soon.

Have a good one!

~   Saluti.   ~

A door

... to go out and start a new week.
... to turn over a fresh page.
... to write a new story.

Lets got out & do what we can.

Happy Monday friends!

Till soon.

Tanti Saluti!

July 6, 2013

Sarah & Seppi

For this post, like for no other, I have no good words to start. No funny idea how to put in words all the things which rush through my head when I think of Sarah & Seppi. You see, Sarah and I have been roomies. And as it sometimes happens with roomies, we grew closer than I would have thought and without me noticing it Sarah became a fixture in my German live. I looked forward to her coming home very late and hearing her subtle knock at my door. I looked forward to you know... just a couple minutes turning into hours of wonderful conversations. I looked forward to Sundays, because sometimes Seppi would come over and we would have the longest Sunday breakfasts which could ever be. Sometimes he came even the night before because, you know,  there are so many things to talk about. Sometimes he made bread, sometimes we made cookies. When I think of Sarah, I think of hours spent in the kitchen, usually talking. Or bumping into her on my way to the kitchen in the morning... between the doors and in the hall and all of the sudden 45 minutes have passed. 

July 3, 2013

Library Love: Conny & Daniel Part II

"I don't have to look far to find treasures. I discover them every time I visit a library."
Michael Embry

Usually it´s always really hard to pick a favorite part of a wedding day... because usually I love almost ALL of it. But with this one lovely wedding I already shared some right joy here, well it was easy! You see, each and every love story is unique and has these little special details and for me as a photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more than include bits and pieces of this story in my photography. So we were in a library!!! But not just any library but the very building where Conny and Daniel slowly, quietly formed a deeper interest for each other. Where a vague ohh ...this friend turned to a this is him!! Where treasures in words became a treasure in a friend to face forever with. 

July 1, 2013

Monday Happyness

The sweetness of opening the eyes in the morning and finding this cute self made bouquet on my windowsill. To greet the morning of a new day.

Soft morning light spills in and mingles with the fragrance of garden roses and lavender.
Oh summer!

A very happy Monday to you!


June 29, 2013

Married: Conny & Daniel

There are is hardly more sweetness on a Saturday morning when a good friend is about to tie the not. I was home. Soft hills, a small river winding it´s way through the city... and I could actually take the tram to the church. That´s my idea of an environment friendly wedding ;) I met Conny outside the church in the car - all laughter and high expectant joy.  She was early, desperately trying to kill some time with her bridesmaid and Dad. Impatient... to walk to church. To meet Daniel. As the bells sounded she did not walk down the small lane, no she hurried, almost jogged. She was not willing to let another minute pass to meet her forever.

June 16, 2013

Sunday´s ...

... are for running around in fields.

Have a very lovely Sunday & a great new week!

~   Saluti.  ~

May 31, 2013

Relaxed Friday

Maybe you have guessed so far, but in case you missed it: I´m a picture person. Yes. Like sooo bad!
Often I used to collect images with no specific goal in mind. Now this has changed ever since I picked up a camera and decided to make something bigger out out of it. But every now an then (read: every single day) I collect images, to let my thoughts wander. And to take in the feeling. The way a picture makes me feel.

Maybe you are also into creative things.
The images from the little collage are not from me but I like them tremendously. For all different reasons.

May 27, 2013


Oh, how long did I wait for this wonderful couple´s shoot in the library!
So can´t wait to share more!

Have a very great Monday! 

~   Salutiii.  ~

May 22, 2013

By the riverside

That is Joachim. He´s a friend of mine. And as so many friends he soon will move on, follow his job & explore new things to come.

May 14, 2013

May 5, 2013

Sunday´s are for today´s

... Just because today it´s so true :)

Have a super lovely Sunday!

~   Salutiii.   ~

PS, image found on Pinterest.
~   Saluti.   ~

April 10, 2013

Goodbye Siena

Actually I had totally forgotten about these images from my last week in Siena for a very long time. Until I cleaned out my external drive and came across this folder Goodbye Siena. I guess I did not want to see it. If you have followed this journey a bit you know that Italia is a huge part of me and that I have fallen in love with a tiny city called Siena and my Tuscan life. I have every now and then dedicated travel posts to my stay there and checking on my Blog postings today I realized I had not written anything personal or travel connected in a very, very  long time. So this is from my last week in my most beloved Tuscan city of them all.

 The images are in no specific order and are not in one great story. They are connected to my story and if you don´t like it personal you can skip ahead and wait for the next photo shoot hitting the Blogosphere ;-) 

This was the neighborhood next to mine the "Unicorn" Leocorno having one of it´s festivities after the Palio week.

April 7, 2013


 ... are for asking questions!

A friend of mine posted this one last week and I was pondering about it ever since.
I love this question. It got me thinking again. About dreams. And work... and whether I´m brave enough to admit some of the wishes or dreams or crazy stuff I would like to do if I were brave enough to say them. Out. Loud.

Here is to a new week and to the things we all want to do and to the things we don´t say.
Let´s take one small thing and turn it into one thing we don´t want to do, but which we actually did.

Till soon.
~   Saluti.   ~

April 3, 2013

Rain shoot with Caroline

It was supposed to be a rainy day. One in the row of manyyyy. Like tons!! And since I lived in Germany since some months now and still was scared of shooting in the rain it was high time to tackle these doubt and go out and shoot in the rain. The first time Caroline and I met for a cappucchino we were interrupted by super awesome sunshine... thus rescheduled. Crazy! The one day I`m ready to face my fears... the sun shines. :)
So day number two: we meet and it rains. So far so good. I warmed up to my umbrella and had some nice shots.

 BUT then, the sun came out and made my day like the most awesome rockin´day EVER! I was speechless about the beauty unfolding in front of my lens! Sun & Rain. Together! It was awesomeness!!
SOo, forgive me of not being able to narrow the beauty down, I will make this post a looong one.

March 27, 2013

Laura & Jakob

 We met on a misty Monday and our  shooting started with a Mini-van trip up the vineyard. I had already heard stories from this wonderful antique car and was very happy that Laura and Jakob decided to bring it along. I was even more happy about a very gorgeous pair of red boots (yay) and a wonderful combination of very dark and elegant blue. It´s like they wanted to make me tremendously happy with my brand colors. :)

March 22, 2013

City Hall Wedding in the snow

Where to begin? Ok, first things first. This is my brother!!!! Yes my own big brother getting married! And I know weddings, I know how emotions run high and how things can get a bit hectic before a wedding. But, OH, now this is my own brother! It´s a whole new feeling to me. Forget all the nervousness I was talking about before other weddings. Now, I´m nervous and suuuper excited/ thrilled since DAYS. It´s not a wedding day, it´s a wedding week for me. ;-)

I´m grateful beyond words that he has found his Viola and that we girls have grown ever so attached and close over the last months. I love her incredible much. It´s impossible. It´s even more beautiful that they will tie the knot on Saturday. Together.