July 18, 2014

Married: Julia & Andre

With each hilly bend in the road my joy increased for this long anticipated day. I met Julia & Andre last year in Stuttgart and was beyond psyched to travel east for their festivities. To go home, see the hills again, smell the forests & shoot on the grounds of one of my favourite castles in Thüringen. <3
Truly in love with this gorgeous english park and Julia´s radiant smile as she hurried down the isle to meet her soon to be husband. 

After the last shutter was clicked and my work for the day was done, I drove back to the park, grabbed my snacks and laid down in the soft grass. Right in front of the castle. Despite the "Keep of the grass sign". Head over heels I stared at the pointy tips of the english roof. Because this was a moment worth celebrating. Not only to shoot in great locations, but to accompany people and see their moments unfold. 

Dear Julia & Andre, thank you for letting me be part of your day. To come in close and to stay far off. To see your smiles and joy.

July 9, 2014

What to do with rain on your wedding day

This is a question I get asked a lot for the early spring and late fall weddings... but due to the rainy start which July has provided us here in Germany I thought it is good to answer this question on the Blog. First of all; I love it when couples ask questions. And this one is a good one especially in Germany ;)
Second of all; bad weather is usually not that bad and there are so many creative and fun ways to work with it.
So here are some of my ideas to make this work for your special day.

1) Ask your photographer about the Plan B before the wedding
All the photographers I know are so very happy if clients ask them for advice. We love being part of the day and share what we know. A lot of the planning are small things, but they come in handy when thought of before the day, should the not so good weather strike your day. ;)

2) Plan for back up locations
This one goes along side the first hint on the list. There are many beautiful outdoor but roofed locations you can shoot in. It is always good to think of them ahead. For example hotel entries, porches, hotel lobbies, rooms with large windows or wide staircases will do as well.

July 3, 2014

Married: Sarina & Tim

This day it was for one of us. No, actually two of us, tying the knot. It was a huge get together of our old Campus Crusade group. Many had travelled here. I had gone ahead, the others would follow later.  On the train I was impatiently anticipating the events of this marvellous Saturday. In the living room I was trying to decide where to pin the boutonniere and in the garden catching my breath along side Tim as he first laid eyes on his bride. 
This day was nothing short of magical. One heartfelt embrace followed by the next and one  stunning location drawing us in after the other. 

June 30, 2014

The Monday after a free weekend

How else to relax better with an exam session rolling up dangerously close to this week, than to go on a bike tour with friends?!
I had a free weekend and just knew I wanted to be part of this. A bunch of friends from Campus Crusade, sixteen bikes, two days away.
Before us the road, above us pouring clouds... well that the weather had been kind would be the understatement of the year... but somehow all of that crumbled into insignificance as the group grew closer with each bend in the road and the conversations deepened with each hill left behind.
As the hearty welcome of arriving was shared, changed into dry clothes and the fire lit... all was forgotten and before us was time. Time to spent, with the cellphone put far away, to listen to the birds, the cracking of wood, to each other and to God.

June 16, 2014

A different Monday story

This Mondays story is not about a wedding. It was Wednesday morning as one of my cultural studies professors approached me with a special request. She knew I was a photographer on the side (during the week I'm still a student/ tutor at university) and inquired if I could document an opening ceremony for a rather huge American Study conference. 

This was how I found myself on Thursday afternoon scouting a huge renaissance church in the middle of Würzburg surrounded by security people. Yes, you read that right. Huge security guys swarming all the good hiding places between columns and side aisles.

As it turns out there was the US ambassador John B. Emerson amon the honored guests and first speakers.  

So there I was, holding my breath, trying to tiptoe around the facility as unsuspicious as possible, while carrying my smile to get in all the corners of the building. It was the most beautiful thing to see how far a friendly smile goes. Let me take a moment to emphasis that three of the six bodyguards inside the church responded to my smile! That I did not get tackled to the ground is the second biggest success I count for the afternoon.

Here is to melting the big guys and wikipediaing all the honored speakers beforehand to be prepared of who among the 400 guests is who

June 12, 2014

Open letter to a friend

My dear friend,

today I write a letter to you, because I want you to know something important.
Sometimes when we sit across the table, in-between California rolls and nigiri plate...  and your dare to tell of dreams... you let them slip into the conversation every now and then.... I see a glimmer in your eyes. A passion kept quietly away, close to your heart. And I want you to know; these passions tamed to be still, the ones which scare you... you carry them for a reason! Those silent dreams are there for a purpose.

And when with quiet tears at the corner of our eyes, you timidly let go of the unhappiness stored away, of situations you simply don´t want to be in...
I hear it and I want you to know: you don´t have to stay there.

And when people treat you unjustly, when they break a part in your beautiful inner self, when they throw dirt at you and when they make you feel small...
I want you to know: you can leave that room. You can leave it and close that door behind you.
Because you deserve to be treated with kindness and warm respect.
 Because you deserve to be encouraged, not belittled. You deserve much better than this. Each and every single day. You deserve a situation in life which makes you reach your potential.
  You deserve it.
You deserve it.

And when you voice with doubts the fears breaking loose... I tell you, yes you have the strength to change and leave for better things to come your way. I tell you, yes that is scary. It scares me too, and that is ok. Because we have these dreams. Oh and dreams, :) dreams go a loooong way. Much higher and longer than we can phantom. You don´t have to plunge into the unknown, you know? You can take small steps. One. after. the. other.
Because you deserve it.
And I will be right here. Walking beside you.
I just wanted you to know.

Your dreamer-friend.

See you soon!

June 11, 2014


There was actually something else on the Blog for today, but I just had this quote in mind and reallyyyy wanted to share it. 
It´s from one of the good book. ;)

Have a lovely day.
Come back tomorrow for a personal letter.

June 5, 2014

Viola and the glittery light

Back then as we were still living in the same city, she was my number one. My number one for taking out and practising the new things I had recently found on the web. The number one for movie nights and we made my brother jealous. You see Viola is my brothers wife and my sister-in-law but I always call her sistaaa (with three a).

During the last months Viola and my brother have supported my like no other. From all the weekends this past winter it felt like I spent at least half of the time at their place in Stuttgart. 
I have to say, I really love to travel there and spend a couple of days. Not only for the client meetings and business fun. Because it always means I have some time with these two lovely guys. 

June 2, 2014

Monday - how not to work

We met up early on the Saturday, as we searched for towels, scissors, cleaning agents and spread across the building in pairs of two or three to get some serious spring cleaning done. To tackle the layers of months past, to wipe away, thin the plants, paint the walls, fix the chairs and clean the windows. 
It was a Saturday and call me nuts, but it was special to me. You might could have come up with more creative ideas of what to do with my Saturday off... But I had actually looked forward to this pimp my church action we had at the church which is providing the rooms and facilities for our Christ Crusade group. 

It was special to me because I could wind down and work along side some precious people. At times shared work is better than just sitting next to each other across a table. At times kneeling on the floor or struggling with the humongous window panes will bring you closer together.