February 10, 2016

Sunrise Family Shooting in Stuttgart

It is not often that we get to document life after the wedding day passed. But it is an all bigger joy when we do. We photographed Silvia´s & Marcos´wedding over two years ago & I have to say... to this day it is marked in my memory as one for the books. 
Not only had they the most beautiful castle-by-the-lake location and jaw-dropping gorgeous style. Their family is what made it so special. Their love overflowing and the joy in every corner of the castle.

Imagine my happy anticipation as I learned they had won the shooting with me, which we gave away for the studio opening!
Oh welp! 

We met early one morning at a little corner of the city which is part of their every day life. 
The sun was just getting ready for a gorgeous day & I was in family-shoot-heaven when I saw them walking up to me.
Once more, totally in love with their style. 
Silvia announced the hight probability that Isabel would not get over her shy self well in advance. Just so I would not be disappointed if we did not get any images all together. 

Let me tell you! 
The opposite happened!
Isabel rocked this little shoot of ours. As in big times!
But see it for yourselves!

February 8, 2016

Improvising - For Just One Night - Monday Post

The whole wedding party was just headed outside again for one more game which required space & open air. I was finding my way around the guests looking for angles and such as I felt that the flash, which usually comes on after sunset, was loose. 
Another glance confirmed what I had only recognised on the run. The flash was about to fall off! 
*insert mute, inward gasp while smiling perfectly my everything is under control smile...

Calmly I placed the camera on the floor. Checked the second one, switched lenses & hurried back to the scene of the crime. 
Actually I am trying to carry less two and more just one camera with me, but in this instance I was glad I had the second one strapped right to me. For the time to run back inside & change at the bag would have eaten a lot of the game highlights.

February 5, 2016

A Shooting at the Vatican

Late summer in Rome &
 it was about time to take this dress for a walk.

I ran into Marta back in Würzburg.
 This one day I heard her talk on the way to the canteen for the second time.
This time I was determined to not let this one slip. 
You see the first time I heard her & Valeria talk a sudden wave of super timidness overcame me and I let them walk past me without saying a word.

She became easily one of my favourite girls from Roma.

January 29, 2016

Golden Woods Wedding

It was pouring down so hard, that I decided to camp out in the car the entire hour before the ceremony would begin. 
I had just checked out the fields & wood near by & jogged back to the tiny vehicle for shelter.

I knew how fond both the bride & groom were of outdoor photos & check the rain radar app for the third time in sixty minutes.
All the way through the emotion-overflowing vows the rain hammered on the roof of the top floor city hall.

Just after those most wonderful words had been pronounced and all the dearest been held close, the sky timidly cleared the way & we began shooting in a damp, soaked, perfect wood. I mean think magical with fairy dust on every tree.

January 25, 2016

Fest Versprochen - Monday Post

This weekend I was lucky enough to have a weekend in Stuttgart & a wedding trade show right around the corner from my house. 
So many times my couples have asked me about recommendations for wedding vendors in the Stuttgart area. So many times I had few tips to offer and now was the perfect weekend to change that.

I love helping my couples plan their day & alway offer tips for planning and organisation with excitement. What I love even more is recommending services I myself like (a lot). So I set out with my wonderful couples in mind. Searching for what they need and for what I would like.

January 22, 2016

Valencia - My Winter Travel - Part II

Valencia, one year ago I escaped for some days. Filled with ocean breeze, day time strolls, night time walks, gazing at beauty, meeting with friends, meeting strangers, NewYears with more than six nationalities, songs sung, books read, sunsets and fireplaces.
Thats about it. 

Come along.

January 18, 2016

Monday Post

 Winter decided to come at last to Germany.
And a glorious one at that! Past Saturday I kicked off my new wedding season 2016 with a wonderful fortress-on-a-hill affair. As we drove up the curly lanes the road was free of ice and the hill perfectly sprinkled in a soft coat of snow. Well, this is what I call a perfect winter day to get married! 
Of course I had to run around the hill prior to the wedding ceremony and play in the snow. 

Other personal highlights included the craziest of my brothers school friends during the party at night,  a Scotsman who danced with all the ladies and meeting with a longtime school friend all in one day.

With all of Winterwonderland displayed around us... it is needless to say I had to have some portraits of my own. 

A friend of the groom asked me how I manage to take my own portraits so well? The simple answer is, I don´t. As I discovered I have frightfully few images of myself to accompany the little stories on the Blog or Instagram I decided to ask for help more often. 

This one was taken by my sister. ;)

And the fortress´view.

More to come soon. 

Have the most wonderful, snowy of winter weeks!!

January 14, 2016

Greenhouse Wedding Stuttgart

It was uncommonly deserted at the castle & I had asked the bride again if she wanted to continue shooting. You see, it was three degree on this cloudy morning & I was afraid for her arriving with frozen feet at her ceremony. She smiled and we continued. Dear Marion & Daniel, I admired your wish to get those portraits! And to be quite frank it was totally worth the cold everything! These images turned out to be a total dream in their quiet, charming, fall kind of way! I love truly them! 

January 11, 2016

Highs and Lows of Client Meetings - Monday Post

Oh January, you are here full force.
If 2015 was the sunniest year I can remember in Germany... this week is probably the greyest...

I shot my first short wedding of the year today and it happened fifty percent of the time in pouring rain. Yes...
This being said, back to client meetings. ;)

One of the most beautiful client meetings I had this winter was from a couple who was full of interest and asked tons of wonderful questions. Jan and I both got asked how we started with photography while studying something completely different and they wanted to know the stories behind the images. I loved that, a genuine interest in our personalities. It was beyond precious. Not half a day later they called me very excited, asking if I would like to be their photographer. Of course I said yes, their incredible kindness made them already a dream couple of mine.

January 7, 2016

Wedding Shooting with Katharina & Andy

We met at an advanced English Grammar class. Heck that one did not work out for me... as the careful reader will have already noticed. 
Then again, some things work out in different ways. 
For example this lovely lady getting engaged before the last years summer was out.