March 27, 2013

Laura & Jakob

 We met on a misty Monday and our  shooting started with a Mini-van trip up the vineyard. I had already heard stories from this wonderful antique car and was very happy that Laura and Jakob decided to bring it along. I was even more happy about a very gorgeous pair of red boots (yay) and a wonderful combination of very dark and elegant blue. It´s like they wanted to make me tremendously happy with my brand colors. :)

March 22, 2013

City Hall Wedding in the snow

Where to begin? Ok, first things first. This is my brother!!!! Yes my own big brother getting married! And I know weddings, I know how emotions run high and how things can get a bit hectic before a wedding. But, OH, now this is my own brother! It´s a whole new feeling to me. Forget all the nervousness I was talking about before other weddings. Now, I´m nervous and suuuper excited/ thrilled since DAYS. It´s not a wedding day, it´s a wedding week for me. ;-)

I´m grateful beyond words that he has found his Viola and that we girls have grown ever so attached and close over the last months. I love her incredible much. It´s impossible. It´s even more beautiful that they will tie the knot on Saturday. Together.

March 21, 2013

Sneak Peek

Dear Rain, I´m not afraid of you anymore!

More from my first  session in the rain will come soon. 

Have a nice Thursday!

~   Salutiiii.  ~

March 15, 2013

Relaxed Friday ~ Installing a heating system and overflowing bins

In late November my two roomies and I got a new heating system installed. 
If you want really valuable domestic advice, here it is: NEVER change heating systems during cold season! You already knew that? Well, ok, now you know for sure ;-) I´ve test run it.

So while we were without heating and warm water for a couple of days during a  bizarre cold winter week, there have also been some funny moments in that week. One was involving our Landlord. He was in the kitchen with me looking at our bins. He was going something like, Oh this is a clear sign of a guy-free-home the bins are overflowing. I was like whaaaat?!? And on the verge of protesting. But as he left after the day´s work was done he asked me if he should take down our trash. I was like no, never, please! He was already out of the door, holding the yellow bags in his hands. No worries, this is what we guys do, we take down the trash.

Grateful and with a smile on my face my weekend had begun. 
May yours be as sweet as that small moment.
A simple gesture and a smile (and maybe an elephant?)

March 7, 2013

Evening Gown

I had agreed to my friend Stella to join her for a Christmas market sale on a chilly Saturday in December. We were selling jewelry and while I did not expect in to be outdoors, (WHY am I still so surprised about Germans?!?!) I had the whole day to drink my punishment by freezing off my feet. 
The upside of this veryyyyy long day was that I met Mariella. And what begun on this cold winter day turned into a collaboration with her and a set of very beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, handcrafted, lovely-detailed, simply awesome dresses. 

March 3, 2013


... are for philosophers.

With this beeautiful quote I wish you a wonderful new week, filled with seeing.

~   Salutiiiii.   ~