May 30, 2012

Over the weekend I had a short visit from Germany and because we were in the fortunate situation of a car, we took our Sunday and drove all the way to Cinque Terre. It was wonderful, filled with windy roads through the rough back country, lovely chatter in the car and infinite happy glimpses of blue and tiny colored houses.


Während des letzten Wochenendes hatte ich einen kurzen Besuch aus Deutschland und da wir in dem glücklichen Besitzes eines Autos waren, führen wir am Sonntag den ganzen Weg nach Cinque Terre. Es war wunderbar. Ein Tag gefüllt mit engen, gewunden Straßen durchs Hinterland, herrlichen Unterhaltungen im Auto und unendlichen glücklichen Eindrücken von nassem Blau und winzigen bunten Häuschen.

May 21, 2012

Some years ago, when I studied in the very north of Italy (now, I know I sound old) I shared the house with a bunch of very lovely, maybe slightly weird and a crazy mix of international people. In my six months with this funny crowd we grew so close, traveled, had late night talks, ping-pong and card game competitions. It was a very intense time and I have never felt so down leaving a place in my life. Just because of the people. Because they are what matters. And I am almost sure there are some I might never see again.  Others, I happily say, decide to come and visit. So my greatest joy last week was a visit of this awesome Lady. I feel we are almost a part of a family. She belongs to my Bolzano family. And that is why I feel authorized to be proud of any of these folks and of whatever they might do. Maria, my friend who came to see me in my Tuscany, is graduating this week in Prague, in one very fine international program. And even better she got a PhD offer of a super good university. As I said I am proud. Of her and of any other family member from the good ol´times. This is Maria, a particular beautiful family friend. Good luck for the weekend!

I wish you all a beautiful week!

May 20, 2012

Sunday´s are for tea

It was a grey, rainy, quiet Sunday. Rain all day, perfect for romantic walks. Which I did not take. Nooo, I saw the sunrise today and at 6 am, frankly it was a bright, crisp morning and the soft Tuscan hills were bathed in shades of gold to cold blue.

But I wanted to write something about tea? Right. I think I am addicted… especially on grey, rainy quiet Sunday´s! There is nothing as wonderful as sipping a tea called paradise and having cookies called “Giorno perfetto” the perfect day. Nothing. Better.

May 17, 2012

That one time I ran into a Persian chef cook from San Francisco…

I was out with two girlfriends as were about to finish our dinner in my favorite restaurant in Siena. When I was surprised by a waiter speaking very good English at the table next to me.  As we´re about to leave, I was asked from where in the states I am from and three minutes later I realized that the new befriended cook, Hoss, would need a translator the next day. To interview the owner of this wonderful dining place. I was sooo in. Italian food, first hand. Insights in the kitchen. Chatting with the inventor of delicacies my mouth has craved so often. Hello!!

So, the next day I accompanied Hoss to interview the chef, he took a wonderful hour to answer questions. You will be able to read about all the insights in Hoss´s article – I will share on FB + Twitter when he publishes it.

After this, for me unexpected he showed us all the kitchen, pasta machine, cellar, pizza oven included. The owner Giuseppe Chiarelli himself took some time to prepare some fresh pizza just for us and we were able to follow each step, even more, he invited us to return the next day, so he could set up a nice rustic pasta/dish display. It was amazing.

May 13, 2012

Sunday´s are for finding a garden of peace

I took some time,
sat in the grass,
read healing words
"curving the moment 
into a cupola of grace"
I name this moment
"house of God"
shades of light
scents of mint

May 11, 2012

Say what you want! Yesterday was golden dust in the air! Oh yes! And I ran around to catch some. With my lens of course.
~ Enjoy.

May 9, 2012

How to improve your portraits

For a very long time I avoided photographing people, because I always thought it´s the hardest. It´s not like a flower which will sit still or a horse, which will not be offended when you did not rock the best angle and it´s neck looks, well…, big. No, we are talking about lovely individuals, people, with feelings. And that, is what always let me shy away from portrait photography. But, if you ask me, this is also the reason why portrait is the very best, the most interesting kind of photography. The people, the emotions! To capture that, whoa! That is art. I know, I still have a long way ahead of me, and I am just at the beginning to rock my portraits, but today I will share some things with you, which helped me.

Collect pictures you like! This might not be the tip you expected at first, but I collected pictures since many years. Now, finally, I found the reason why! Because I´m attracted to photography. I love pictures. When you have some pictures, you like especially, think about why you like them! Light, colors, posing, composing, outfits. This will help you to see what you want before you know it. I have collected tear outs from magazines for more than a decade now and lately I collect more and more digital.


Wie man die Portraits verbessert.

Für geraume Zeit hab ich es vermieden Menschen zu fotografieren, weil ich immer fand es ist die schwerste Art der Fotografie. Es ist nicht wie mit einer Blume, die schön still sitz, oder einem Pferd, das sich nicht beleidigt fühlt wenn man nicht den allerbesten Winkel gerockt hat und der Hals, nun ja… dick aussieht. Nein, wir reden hier von wunderbaren Individuen, Personen, mit Gefühlen. Und, dass, war der Grund warum ich so lange vor der Porträtfotografie zurückschreckte. Aber auch aus dem gleichen Grund, finde ich sie heute am die interessanteste Art der Fotografie. Die Menschen, die Emotionen. Das einzufangen! Whoa! Das ist Kunst. Ich weiß ich bin da noch ganz am Anfang und hab noch so einiges vor mir, dennoch teile ich heute einige Tipps mit dir, die mir auf dem Weg halfen.

Sammle Bilder die dir gefallen! Das ist vielleicht ein unerwarteter erster Tipp, aber ich sammle Bilder seit vielen Jahren. Und nun, endlich, hab ich den Grund dafür gefunden! Weil ich mich zur Fotografie hingezogen fühle! Ich liebe Bilder. Wenn du einige Bilder hast die dir besonders gut gefallen, kannst du dich fragen warum. Licht, Farben, Posen, Aufbau, Outfits. Das wird dir helfen etwas zu sehen bevor du es weißt! Ich hab Zeitschriftenausrisse seit über einem Jahrzehnt gesammelt und in letzter Zeit hab ich mehr und mehr Sammlungen digital angelegt.

May 8, 2012

Behind the scenes in my absolute favorite restaurant in Siena.
More to come soon!


Hinter der Kulisse in meinem absoluten Lieblingsrestaurant in Siena.
Bald kommt mehr!

Wonderful Tuesday to you!

Einen schönen Dienstag dir!

May 6, 2012

Sunday´s are for seeing the tiny things.
Today I decided to focus on the small and tiny things, to savor life, to focus on the things given to me. To forget the unhappy moments, moments which drive me nuts, moments where nothing seems to work, or the world is clashing miraculously above my head. Because, yes, these moments exist. I started reading a new book “One Thousand Gifts” from Ann Voskamp and it challenges the reader to see little gifts of life in every situation, where ever you are, whatever your story might be. So here is a little Sunday list of my own.
For the sake of readjusting my focus.

May 4, 2012

Portraitsession ~ Míriam

I met Míriam back in September when I moved to Tuscany and she was the very first person I photographed here in Siena. I was still searching for the nice secrete places, for the hidden streets and not so common panoramas across town. Frankly we ran into some pretty enchanting places together. I totally adored the light we had that day! It was really wonderful Mìriam! You are soo beautiful and very easy to take fun pictures with! :)


Míriam hab ich bereits im September getroffen, kurz nach dem ich in die Toskana gezogen bin und sie war die allererste Person die ich hier in Siena fotografierte. Ich war gerade noch dabei die geheimen Orte zu finden und die kleinen Straßen und die Panoramaausblicke die nicht auf jeder Postkarte sind. Verrückterweise sind wir gleich auf einige nette Ecken gestoßen. Es war einer von diesen unglaublichen-Licht-Tagen! Es war ganz wunderbar mit dir Mìriam! Du bist sooo eine schöne Person und es war super einfach dich zu fotografieren! :)

May 2, 2012


More to come sooon :)

Bald kommt mehr nach :)

A beautiful Wednesday to you!
Einen schönen Mittwoch dir!