May 31, 2013

Relaxed Friday

Maybe you have guessed so far, but in case you missed it: I´m a picture person. Yes. Like sooo bad!
Often I used to collect images with no specific goal in mind. Now this has changed ever since I picked up a camera and decided to make something bigger out out of it. But every now an then (read: every single day) I collect images, to let my thoughts wander. And to take in the feeling. The way a picture makes me feel.

Maybe you are also into creative things.
The images from the little collage are not from me but I like them tremendously. For all different reasons.

For the colors, moods, shades, composition, objects, ...
every now and then I sit down to analyze images. I ask myself, why do I like this photograph? Where does the light come from? Which hour of the day was it taken? How is the mood created which is so appealing to me?

In this collection I purposely did not include wedding or portrait images. I´m  trying to keep my inspiration fresh and coming and it helps me to think outside of the box. To see more of the things I LIKE with camera in hand.

Maybe this helps you as well, on your creative journey. To sit down, collect a couple of things and ask yourself why this or that.

Have a very creative weekend!!

~   Salutiii.  ~

PS: all images found on Pinterest.
ranunculus,  wall display, garden house, umbrella, books, cups, pears

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