December 11, 2013

Walking in the mist ~ first mini workshop

On my shy and quiet list of silent dreams this year, there was this one item. Yeah, it contained paying forward some of the many things I had learned and soaked in, in this photography industry. I was shy about it because I thought I had not learned enough, did not know enough. Just not enough to give it and to explain, might even teach. SO this inquiry came the at right time. I knew the group and peeps and somehow this helped to overcome the insecurity. So one misty Saturday not long ago we met up, walked outside, explored with the lenses in front of our eyes. Of course these ninety minutes were way to short. But it was lovely. It was great to give something. It was a start!
I hope there is more to come. From giving and paying forward. From learning from each other.

So here are some of the favorites from walking in the mist. In the dark and gray. From winter in Germany.
If I might be honest I thought this was a very poetic kind of gray. Of dark and of making other colors pop beside the settled dust on the lake.

The crew at the Brombachsee  (Brombach lake). 


Certainly love the left one from Saskia! So great!

And this moment full of lyrical beauty. :)

 Have a lovely, cozy day!

~   Salutiiiii.   ~

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