December 12, 2014

Daniel headshots

In my time in Würzburg I have found a family among most loving friends. When I write that people make the place I mean exactly that. Throughout the last three years our Campus group has established a new kind of project. We started going out in clubs to create student services at a place familiar to fellow students. What has begun almost three years in a small underground music club has now grown to be know beyond the outskirts of our city... We are hosting the student service in one of the largest concert buildings downtown, with each celebration we welcome new friends from all of central and south Germany. 
During this wild and new journey as the project took off Daniel was one of our faithful visionaries and managers. 

So here we are, right outside my front door... on the tram tracks. ;) 
This was our tiny and spontaneous shoot to welcome the new team shirts for Kirche im Club (church in the Club).
Daniel, I truly love dreaming up projects with you. Thank you for the time shared & all the happy! May your dreams always grow.

Have a beautiful wintery weekend, y´all!

PS, find the page of Kirche im Club here

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