February 23, 2015

Monday post

Dear Reader,
finally a new Monday is here and I am most happy to let you know, my thesis is done. Handed in and all. So wonderful! Last week was filled with excitement, exhaustion, a good dose of sleep and then some jolly birthday celebrations. 
While I was still writing my thesis I had implemented some rules in order to avoid distractions... such as no blogging, no editing before 12pm, no creative magazines... You know to keep me focus solely on my Jane Austen research. I studied about eye-contact, power relations and psychology all topics which I love. Still my mind wandered off to blogging and pictures going silly with ideas, now that this past process is over I cannot quite seem to find the muse again. Haha. Maybe to much writing.

My past two months were filled to the brim with the novels Emma and Persuasion and just as those wonderful books deserved, I took them with me on my Christmas / New Years journey. Actually I carry Emma almost everywhere I go. It is my go-to novel for any circumstance, any time of night or day. Even if  Persuasion set partly at the sea side I staged some super nerdy pictures reading Emma on the beach. So here you go. :D 
As I said, I carry it all the places. 

You might not quite see... but here are three Italians on the beach. ;)

And then my birthday was on the list again. Oh well, time flies. I took this opportunity to invite some of my all time favourite chums over. To celebrate and say some goodbyes. Even if I am still trying to avoid thinking about them. I most certainly savoured all the moments and forgot about the rest of the world for some precious hours. The most wonderful and peaceful moment to live exactly in the moment where you want to be <3
Which is why for the better part of the day I forgot to take pictures. :)

The most incredible triple-chocolate-mint-covered-fancy muffins EVER! Thank you my Mau!

 Have a wonderful and beautiful new week!
Tanti Salutiiii!

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