May 9, 2016

The Unpredictable - Monday Post

Happy Monday out there!

Starting rather slow after a double header weekend I am soo very thrilled about summer finally brushing through Germany. Oh hey! I have missed all this warm light!

Here come the high and low lights of the two rocking weddings...

First of all... the dress I wore on Friday decided it is a good day to give up and crack in a rather unfortunate place. Oh hello mess. For the first cocktail hour I gracefully tried to place my second camera always right on top of the crack which turned out to be not useful. After several gentlemen stopped by & kindly indicating the situation, a sweet Mamma came and handed me her sweater. Armed till we switched location I slipped away and did my first total outfit change at a wedding. 

Now, you have to know I try to pack for several scenarios each weekend. I bring an extra pairs of shoes (usually more than one), tights, sometimes a pair of slacks or an umbrella. An entire new outfit is usually not in the bag. Strangely enough this Friday before I closed my apartment door I flung a dress & matching leggings in. Who would have known I need them? Oh boy, I was glad I came prepared.

For the Saturday wedding we shoot at a botanical garden. Is there a better place to go crazy with all the gorgeous blooms around? An then there was an Italian dress and a couple who danced for me. They surely took my breath away & I can't wait for the edit to be finished.

Also for the first time EVER did a former bride walk by the portrait session & said she heard my laugh and knew it was me. 

All this happiness was turned into perfection as my dearest girl Mau dropped by. Shooting two weddings in a row makes me all exhausted and the only thing I can do really well in this condition is to lie on the couch. More or less unconscious. In some wonderful way even being unconscious is better together. So we enjoyed the less than twenty hours in each others company and after being unconscious together (aka watching a chick flick) fell asleep.

Have a great new week!

PS, somebody else needs to go dress shopping this week?


  1. Thank you for sharing your interesting posts which are a source of readable as well as visual pleasure. The picturesque sceneries capture the imagination and is relaxing.

  2. The food looks so delicious because you have arranged the table so good. It seems like you have a busy week and after a heavy work load now you are relaxing with yummy good. Thats good.

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