September 19, 2012

An apartment in Roma

It was this one week in February. One day I had called my Mom and told her that by the same time tomorrow I would be in town. I took a train, from Siena/ Tuscany to the middle of Germany, sat still for seventeen hours and as my Dad picked me up from the train station I was more than ready to go home. I had not been home for quite a while since last Christmas was my first one overseas.

It was due. I needed home. This was the same week her first mail arrived. She asked me if I were in Siena at the end of the week. She wanted to meet me and have a café. She sounded friendly. Sweet. But you have to know I never met Amy before. She had read a comment I had made on her wedding, which was photographed by Sarah (Ampersand Photography) and was curious. She found my Blog, liked it and decided to ask for a meeting. I was overjoyed! And in the wrong place. 

I shuffled my disappointment of not being in the right place for meeting her in the last drawer of my mind and proceeded with life.

Then some weeks went by and another mail flew into my mail box. Kind words, as if from a friend I did not know I had. The joy was even bigger as she invited me to stay with her in Rome. Could I really do that? You know. Visit a total stranger, a person I had never even seen before? Stay at her place? I decided yes, grabbed a friend, informed her, we are going to Rome and got on that train. AND she was friends with Sarah, just like the sweetest photographer ever (from what I saw online, because same with her, never met her in person).

So here I was. Warmly welcomed in Rome by two new friends. Amy and her husband Joel. They have opened the doors of their warm (it was almost forty degrees) and friendly home.
I especially enjoyed one very long breakfast, over Amy´s self-made bread, quizzing them about their lives. Both of them are working with Crusade (a Christian organization) and with students in Rome. Since I was working with Crusade in Germany I believe it was more than just coincidence that she found me on the internet!

It was beautiful!

Long story short: As Amy is very beautiful inside and out, also her home is a place to feel wonderful in. Over the three days I snatched little glimpses of life. I felt like walking in the best Pinterest ideas put into real life. I did not want to hold back all these beautiful creativities.
 She did such a great job!

Enjoy the beauty!

Decoration from her wedding.

I totally love this neat succulent garden!

Showing me her favorite muesli bowl. I realy like this one!!

I wish y´all a great Wednesday!

~   Saluti.   ~

Here you can find Sarah´s page.

And just in case you are wondering what Pinterest is, my pins are to be found right here. :)

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  1. WUndervoll, Rici!!!! Ich liebe die Bilder. Jedes einzeln sagt im Zusammenhang so vieles aus. Großartig!!!! Und JAAA, das muss gePINT werden!
    Liebste Grüße, Kerstin

    1. AWWW, liebsten Dank Kerstin!! und du hast schon was gePINT <3!