September 4, 2012

Behind the lens ~ Lesson learned

Lesson learned. Last week I attended the first workshop in Germany and besides being over the moon about the good company, I was thrilled to learn new things. Here are some I want to print in my heart and share with you.

Little gifts ~ arriving at the location and settling into our seats around the table, each and every participant had a cute mint or red note book in front of them. It was a personalized product with both names Desmond & Antonia engraved. Now, this was tiny. BUT it created an instant appreciation in the person receiving the little gift.  I totally loved it. Now I´m thinking up my own plans how I could create such cute extra attentions.

Style ~ Apart from chatting about business in our life’s we also talked about style. Since I´m quite new into photography and I am still finding my style, my feeling, my something I feel at home with. It was very important for me to hear that having your own style is good and having people not like it one thousand percent is alright. Because if you have your style you will find people who will go wild for exactly that. The thing I do different from others. The feel I create. I just have to be brave enough to find it and stick to it.


Did you think this post helpful? Would you like more of these? Shoot away in the comment section. Looking forward to hear from you!

~    Salutiiii.  ~

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