February 28, 2013

Ordering Canvass

As Christmas was drawing nearer I was thinking about something special to give to my clients as a surprise Thank you. You know, to let them know how much they mean to me and how much I enjoyed working with them for their weddings. The canvass I chose was from Lena´s & Simeon´s wedding, which you can find here and here
This was hands down my fist time ordering canvasses and I was a bit nervous about the quality of the product, the colors and everything. So today I wanted to share with you that it was an overall surprise for me how very much I enjoyed to see the finished product. On.A.Canvass! Wow. So cool.

It´s actually quite easy and it looks sooo much more impressive on a  canvass than on paper. I for one was beyond thrilled to hold the canvasses in my hands and to let my hands run over the fabric. And I know for sure the next ordering round won´t be long.

Enjoy some glimpses with me.

Canvass from Kunsthaus Schwanheide

~   Saluti.  ~

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