April 3, 2013

Rain shoot with Caroline

It was supposed to be a rainy day. One in the row of manyyyy. Like tons!! And since I lived in Germany since some months now and still was scared of shooting in the rain it was high time to tackle these doubt and go out and shoot in the rain. The first time Caroline and I met for a cappucchino we were interrupted by super awesome sunshine... thus rescheduled. Crazy! The one day I`m ready to face my fears... the sun shines. :)
So day number two: we meet and it rains. So far so good. I warmed up to my umbrella and had some nice shots.

 BUT then, the sun came out and made my day like the most awesome rockin´day EVER! I was speechless about the beauty unfolding in front of my lens! Sun & Rain. Together! It was awesomeness!!
SOo, forgive me of not being able to narrow the beauty down, I will make this post a looong one.

 See? It was AMAzing! The left one was with totally rad special effects due to raindrops on my lens ;-)

Love this one. 

 Aaand this one.

This is definitely a new favorite!! Caroline you are soooo stunning!

Have a beautiful time!
Till soon.

~   Salutiiii.   ~

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