March 27, 2013

Laura & Jakob

 We met on a misty Monday and our  shooting started with a Mini-van trip up the vineyard. I had already heard stories from this wonderful antique car and was very happy that Laura and Jakob decided to bring it along. I was even more happy about a very gorgeous pair of red boots (yay) and a wonderful combination of very dark and elegant blue. It´s like they wanted to make me tremendously happy with my brand colors. :)

While during the shooting some small doubts had entered my mind about the super low temperature and the relaxed fun of this lovely couple... looking now at the outcome I could not be more happy about those cozy and lovely close images we were able to capture. I truly adore how they hold each other in their arms and how he makes her all comfortable and makes her eyes glow, just a little more.

 I think there might be a new favorite on the left!!!

Dear Laura & Jakob, so can´t wait for your wedding in a view days and all the beauty it holds!

Have  a very wonderful Wednesday!


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