November 26, 2014

Married Marta & Binh

As Marta contacted me I was so very glad my calendar held on open spot on this specific Saturday. You see, it was four days to their wedding, with their original photographer being taken ill I was able to have my first “fill-in” wedding.  The nervousness of not having met them in person was wiped away the very second we met and I was welcomed with warmth into their special day. Their ceremony was held in the midst of many friends and relations from all over Europe & Asia.
Both Marta and Binh are professional musicians. Needless to say that the music which accompanied their day was genuinely unique.  I was moved to happy tears as the recessional was performed & surprised alongside the couple as a group of twenty drummers made the very ground we stood on shake. And I mean good

Dear Marta & dear Binh, thank you for making time for a little sunset shoot! It made my day. I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world!! : )

Ceremony: Uhlbacher Rathaus in Stuttgart – Party location: Landschloss Korntal
Thanks to Jan for support & gear ;)

Have a lovely week!
Till soon.

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