November 20, 2014

The Eternal City - a short trip

It went something like, Vale can I come next week? A couple of minutes later I had the airplane ticket & started to pack. The ability to go along with crazy spontaneity is one thing I adore in Italians. As the days grew colder and the rain just would not stop to visit my weddings I had the wonderful idea to take a break. My one free weekend in September I was able to spent with dear friends in and around Roma. 

The warm days involved a lot of happy strolling through the streets, a visit to the oldest Gelateria (ice cream place) in Roma, home made pizza and baby kittens...
but see for yourself.

Enjoying the giggles with my girl Vale.

More of this glimpse will come soon to the Blog. We had a couple of dresses to shoot for my talented friend Marta. <3

Piazza Esedra (Piazza della Repubblica)

Uhhh... ceilings.

Have a beautiful rest of the week!
Tanti Saluti!

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