April 27, 2015

Monday post - When the kitchen is on fire

Whereas the two first weeks in Stuttgart I was busy finding my way around last week I had the feeling my new exciting life had taken off. Time of waiting was over. I had found a new Christ crusade group with two enchanting girls, visited Würzurg for one day to pick up my bachelor diploma, and shoot two weddings at the weekend.

So here come the highlights of my week past.

Shooting one wedding at a very gorgeous-meets-country-side feeling kinda location. A private mill with wonderful hosts and incredible good taste. There where all kind of small and big birds running sound the location. The April weather put on it's most impeccable face and as I walked the grounds before the fest begun I just could not believe my luck. This was one of the days I have been dreaming about and that living and walking in those dreams is now reality is truly a gift! Maybe I did not quite get it yet since I was busy keeping up with the schedule. I would love to go back & just sit in tranquility in this wonderful place and breath it's peacefulness. 

The Saturday wedding was at the local zoo "Wilhema". Before the ceremony begun I visited the butterfly house and the fruit bats, there is nothing like watching two cuddling bats for a start of the day. 
I had no clue this park was so gorgeous and exotic, with loads of moorish architecture sprinkled across the lawns.

Beside these kinda obvious highlights there was one more thing. It was tucked away in the quiet of the night. Not glorious, not loud. 
I had visited my friends in Würzi & was at my dear friend Mau's place. It was well past one a.m. and sleep just would not come. For some while I was debating with myself whether to go to the bathroom or not. This might sound stupid to you... But moments later I felt the need to drink a glass of water, beside the full glass I had already stored in our bedroom. What I discovered when opening the kitchen door was just surreal. The whole kitchen was filled with smoke so toxic I flung the door back shut in shock and coughed for the burn in my lungs. I ran to Mau in a hurry and woke her up with the words, Mau you have to get up, there is a fire in the kitchen!!!!  Never seen a person from sweet slumber rising quicker from the mattress than in that moment. 

Long story short, we returned to the kitchen armed with wet cloth in front of our mouth and put out the fire. By us, I really mean Mau. She is the hero of my past week. As we had eliminated the source and opened the windows we sunk to the ground in our room, still coughing as the full extend of events dawned on us. No one was hurt... I had gone to the bathroom just in time. Just in time for a tranquil glass of water. Just in time as we had put out the blue flames. A little shaky and almost close to tears we just prayed in deep gratitude for an unsettled night and a sleep which just had not come that night. Speaking soft gratefulness over the shock and the horrid smell of melted plastic.  Beside all the glorious and truly wonderful events, my past week was filled with... the one event I am most grateful for was that night we were all saved from worse and we detected the fire just in time.

So this week I chose pictures from the many greenhouses I visited in the zoo. I love doors and door ways and door handles. Right now I feel like I am still in the process of going and go I had written about in the New Years post. So many doors I am opening at this moment in my life.
In all of this is feels so good to know someone has my back. I feel blessed to know I am not alone and should there be a fire in one room I can alert for swift help in the middle of the night. Literally and metaphorically.

Here is to a new filled week and friends that come to your rescue!!

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