May 4, 2015

Monday Post - Leipzig

I was a bit late on catching up with the news of the world after my past busy weekend. But as the week rolled in it suddenly occurred to me. I checked Facebook and different news pages to draw out the mental map in my memory of which part of the mountain country my Nepalese friend was from... With each new click I was confirmed that he was currently residing in the very hot spot of where the earthquake had shaken the earth.  In the course of contacting mutual friends and waiting for any kind of news, wondering if the Internet would at all work where he was... I reflecting on my restlessness. I wrote with several common friends, all dear to me. We shared a home more than six years ago and I remember moving away many years back and I had this thought in my mind. I want to invest in people. I want to spent a good and very dear part of my every day to take an honest interest in people, in relationships and what moves them deep inside.

The past days I was wondering where this ache came from. I had a longing to be with those friends, to sit across a cappuccino & just exists for some sweet moments. I wondered why my heart cared so much about chums I had not seen for months, even years. I wondered at the ocean of feelings washing over me. And I remembered my own wish. This day I left Italia behind for the first time and drove in the car by myself. I remembered it now. I had this wish. To put people first. To care deeply. With caring comes feeling. You will not be able to dissect the one form the other. They come along the way, as twins bound tightly. To buy into the full range of emotions is the only gain I have and I realized about the gift to care and be torn, to hope and wait for news. The ache which invited itself last week came because I care.

My past Friday I caught a train before sunrise. I sat in silence by myself listening to the thoughts making themselves heard. And finally as the sun announced the beginning of a new day, I received a new mail in my inbox. My friend was fine. 
This was all that mattered. 

I spent Friday exploring one of my total favourite creative places in all of Germany. Not that I have seen all... but this one has me. It is located far in the wild east, on the grounds of a former factory. <3 It is stuffed to the brim with creative minds. With genuine explorers of ideas and adventures. 
If I would even live remotely close, I would love to work there. Oh yes.
So here are some of my glimpses into this foreign world. For the love of work desks, pain, shoes and people. 

Have a most wonderful creative week!

and tell someone you care about, that you care. 
Come on, go out!

Love the huge productions halls & insane windows <3.

Found a totally rad photographers studio space there <3
Love this table!!!
If only my handbag was bigger ;)
Find their homepage here.

And tea, always tea!

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