August 18, 2015

Heidelberg with friends - Travel

I remember as Alex shared with me that he was planning proposing to his girl. I was freaking out & had to keep all the goodness to myself for some weeks. We chatted about photographers from the Washington DC area & as the wedding plans where finalised I realised I would not be able to fly over to their wedding in the states. Oh that was a low of lows. Fast forward a couple more weeks & the two lovebirds came to honeymoon in Italia & Germany. Needless to say we had to meet!

I meet with Alex & Claire in Heidelberg. We had breakfast like Germans do & they where thrilled to host in their words "their first guest as a couple". ^^ 
What joy it was!
Here are some glimpses from a warm summers day of finally meeting his girl.
It was an honour to spend a day with you! Thank you for this wonderful time & Alex, thank you for brining her here. 
Much love to the both of you!

 And then we strolled some into the city. I just loved the look of this cute book shop ;)

 And the castle view:

Actually I think it is a great idea for anybody out there honeymooning to take a photographer along for one day. Just saying should you ever need someone to take some honeymoon images in Germany or Italia I would be so available for travel ;)

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