August 3, 2015

La Rici at work - Monday Post

My past Saturday´s joy was that I shot like the most relaxed wedding ever. It was a wonderful affair. As we entered the dining room all the table numbers where decorated with characters from the best series ever (Kirk& Spock, Bert&Ernie...). So I scouted the room in all tranquility, taking the details shots... as I stumbled on my couple´s table... it had Penny&Sheldon as their table number and I knew we were a perfect fit. ^^

Apart from this awesomeness they are total Italia affacinatos and are honeymooning in my beloved Toscana. If I could give some travel advice? Oh hello yesss!

This is me at work, running crazy during the golden hour.
Here is to clients who make you feel like the luckiest. To a gorgeous taste in flowers and golden hours that take your breath away!

Have most wonderful new week!

Thank you Florian for this one!

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