April 18, 2016

Paris Spontaneously - Monday Post

Many good things come my way spontaneously. Even if this one was in the making for quite some time now. The actual booking of this trip happened exactly two days in advance.

I had written with Abby several times over the years & I can honestly say that her Blog was a major motivator in my journey with wedding photography. She had announced back in winter that she would tour Europe & I knew I wanted to finally meet her in person.

So this was the very best reason to finally visit Paris. Since I had never been..., I know. Hah! It was high time! 

Then I found a friend who was even more spontaneous than me. I called her fourteen hours before the train left from Stuttgart main station & she said yes. Needless to say we giggled the whole time. 

Dear Abby, thank you for writing your Blog and for being passionate! Thank you for being who you are & for a Sunday dinner in Paris.
It was a dream to finally meet face-to-face and laugh together. I loved to see that you are just like I had imaged from your blog post letters. Much love! :*

Our cute attic apartment. The best kind of apartment in Paris, if you ask me.

And finally my travel companion Nadja! It was a pleasure to go crazy with joy & spontaneous days like these! 

Just so you get an idea how much we giggled. It started on the TGV from Stuttgart to Paris... we laughed so much that the ticket control person laughed along, left, came back and gave us chocolate... saying we are by far the coolest passenger on the train. 
Oh goodness me! 

Maybe we laughed to loud but those two and a half days were totally worth it. Thank you Paris for being to gorgeous & having uncountably many photographable rooftops. :) 

Thank you Nadja for coming along & bearing with my endless image stop and go. ;)

Find Abby´s Blog here.

Have a marvellous week!


  1. Same here. I also become nostalgic when i saw the old photos of me and my friends together. Thanks to all my friends for giving me such a beautiful memories

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photographs! Reminds me of the time when I used to travel with my friends.. I've started learning Candid Wedding Photography in my free time!

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