August 31, 2012

I was pondering about this day and these words for some seemingly endless time. I had counted nineteen trains and an infinite number of clock strikes from the church next to our backyard. There was no use in
getting sleep anymore. So if you don´t like personal stories stop right here and read no further.

I squeezed my lavender cushion one last time and got up. This wasn´t some wedding Saturday. This was another day. My grandfathers funeral in our family. I despise this day and all it carries. But there is no use in doing so, because we all know there will be days like this. We are all aware of the fact that time has a limit on this earth and no one can name it.

It got me thinking about all the good things like counting my blessings, naming the beauty and seeing God in everything.

Meeting new friends and giving them a hug for the first time.

Warm socks to sneak downstairs.

Lavender in my hand from the garden at five am.

Having my brother by my side and hearing his dry comments.

Today I was seriously wishing for Monica Bellucci´s veil to cover my face in more elegance… but I guess I will do without it. I will take my little scribbly notebook and while dark clouds cross my mind and debts seem to clash above my head I will name moments of grace and give thanks that we are alive and for all the things we have.

“There is no better way to glorify God in our deaths than by quietly surrendering all control of our lives to Him, allowing Him to take us home.”  — John Dunlop.

Sweet tunes of Mozart filling my grandparent’s home.

The most comforting shoulder of my brother.

Everlasting supply of kleenex from my brothers warm hands.

My favorite church elder appearing angle like and understanding more about my heart than any other person present.

A whispered bible verse of comfort into my ear.
These are some of my blessings and I will count more tomorrow.

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