March 7, 2013

Evening Gown

I had agreed to my friend Stella to join her for a Christmas market sale on a chilly Saturday in December. We were selling jewelry and while I did not expect in to be outdoors, (WHY am I still so surprised about Germans?!?!) I had the whole day to drink my punishment by freezing off my feet. 
The upside of this veryyyyy long day was that I met Mariella. And what begun on this cold winter day turned into a collaboration with her and a set of very beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, handcrafted, lovely-detailed, simply awesome dresses. 

So there was me, in the middle of the winter, not exactly wedding season, but surrounded my one gown more beautiful than the other... and I had this idea... of going outside. WHY, are you surprised by me?
And shoot. 

 What begun on a snowy day ended on a snowy day. And since the cold is vanishing with everyday I felt safe enough to publish the images without anybody getting a cold. ;-)

 Linda, I don´t know anybody who can make the winter cold make look so happy, warm and relaxed wearing a gown like this. You totally rocked this day!

Totally loved this fabric flying in the wind.

See? Relaxed as can be! You look ever so lovely Linda!

Gown: most lovingly created by Claudius Märchenstunde.

Have a beautiful Thursday y´all!!

~    Saluti.  ~ 

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  1. Wow, wunderschönes Kleid!! ...und wie immer: Wunderschöne Fotos!