March 22, 2013

City Hall Wedding in the snow

Where to begin? Ok, first things first. This is my brother!!!! Yes my own big brother getting married! And I know weddings, I know how emotions run high and how things can get a bit hectic before a wedding. But, OH, now this is my own brother! It´s a whole new feeling to me. Forget all the nervousness I was talking about before other weddings. Now, I´m nervous and suuuper excited/ thrilled since DAYS. It´s not a wedding day, it´s a wedding week for me. ;-)

I´m grateful beyond words that he has found his Viola and that we girls have grown ever so attached and close over the last months. I love her incredible much. It´s impossible. It´s even more beautiful that they will tie the knot on Saturday. Together.

So maybe now you wonder, Rici, what are you talking about? Has the wedding not taken place already? Yes and no. Since it is not legal in Germany to have  access to legal marriage in a church or any other religious building, but only by state we have two ceremonies. So this one is the city hall wedding back in February. 
We were surprised by an overnight snow and richly blessed with the most beautiful of snowy sunrises EVER!

When you look at the images you will see that there are just detail images. Oh how I love details ;-) But it´s mainly because I can not use images of my brother due to his profession and working on some confidential projects. But I simply had to share some beauty, I could not resist. So here you go.
Super excited for more beauty and love to come my way this weekend! Prepare yourselves for an emotional outburst next week ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!

~   Saluti.   ~

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