January 8, 2014

DIY calendar ~ fun organizing tool

New year, fresh start... but uhm! How do I get all these wonderful new adventures organized? That is what I was wondering last year a couple of times. Because, lets face it... I´m messy. Yeah, not cute messy, but ugly messy... I loose overview, get panic attacks to the point I wanna pull the cushion over my head and not move anymore, I might cry and call my Mamma... it ain´t pretty. So I came up with a new idea. In order to keep my tasks in check and to keep the overview, I actually need to see my appointments. I mean I have a planner, I have a google calendar, I have infinite number of post-its... but all it was no good. TILL I came across this WONDERFUL DIY calendar.

 ~ It´s not only good looking (yeah I am such an artsy) but helpful.
~ It can be adjusted to every month, week. Scribbled on.
~ It has a color palette.
~ AND a cute frame.

Short: it is perfect.

So here is an exclusive look into my home office!

You need:
~ picture frame
~ a left over color palatte/ paint chips or any other colors you like, paper ;)
~ scissors, scotch
~ a removable maker

My favorite colors from the palette I had left over after painting my office wall.

The weeks and days rotate but you can also apply a different system to the color fields.
I also added three fields below the four weeks. One is for my photography, one for the Christ Crusade group I work with and one for the projects I do together with Jan.

 AND, everything looks cuter with a bow on. :)

Feel free to copy this idea! I would love to see a picture when your done ;)
If you like it, leave a comment in the box below :)
Have a beautiful & creative Wednesday!

~  Saluti.  ~

PS, the inspiration was taken from this cute clip here.

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