January 10, 2014

E-session: Sarina & Tim

I remember the night... it was a Christmas service a couple of winters ago. And I remember Sarina being on stage. Singing with the band, welcoming... sharing, granting us one of her quiet smiles. A winter day long ago. What I did not know was that the second she had turned to face the microphone one heart in the crowd had stopped. It was the night Tim´s live had changed for sure. And honestly? Who could possibly blame him? ;)

What an incredible honor to have seen this miracle of friendship unfolding in front of my eyes? I feel so lucky to call you two friends. To have Sarina staying over every now and then. To brainstorm the cheer creativity out of our brains. To laugh and share this adventure called live. Did I already mention Sarina is my graphic designer? Oh yeah, brace yourselves!

For our session I desperately wanted to come up with something a smidgen cooler than usual. Don´t get me wrong. I so badly love parks and cute streets and balconies and castles and all... but I have admired Sarina´s style for so long and her being a designer and all. I decided it better should look a bit hipster ^^

It was a day full of cold weather, of sneaky rain drops and cold hands (sorry again). But you guys just rocked it! Thank you for the trust and for freezing your precious *ahem* fingers off... for following me into this shut down station & trusting me with the outcome once more!
I so can´t wait for May to come around! I just know it will be a blast!

In love with  the moments in between

And this one! Gah!

You look so lovely!

AND then we found the spot with this bursting color! OMG!

Have a lovely Friday & weekend!!

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