January 15, 2014

Short trip ~ Côte d`Azur

The one thing I actually and truly missed in my wonderful, crazy-laden-with-newness past year was more time in the south. Since I moved back to Germany in 2012 I often missed the southernness of Europe. I took immense joy in surrounding myself with friends from Italia and Spain and other warmer places. Just after summer had come and gone I realized I did not take a lot of days of to travel. I remained in Germany for what seemed a small eternity and was determined to make this a very intensive study-my-art session in my life. Which was very good. 

As the winter holiday came around it was all the more time to pack some things and leave. To drive across the alps and make the snow drift by the car window. To drive all the way to turquoise waves and sunshine on pale sand. Thus we ended up on the Côte d´Azur. :) It was the first time I have walked this beautiful bit of France and just let me say, I wanna go back! It was lovely. 

Walking the harbor in Cannes.

One of my total favorite places and moments from the trip; a small bay between Nice and Monaco. With a view, well... which made me more than happy!

Have a lovely week!

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