March 19, 2014

A shoot just for us ~ Corrie & Dave

It was a great idea from Jan. to warm up. To start the year and to shoot together. 
So this morning we met. Outside of town. Just as the morning dust was about to settle. We met with Cory & Dave, which volunteered to be our models.
Like I said. We were on our little get together for us. To take new challenges,  to push the limits of our own creativity & to simply practice our skill. 

We had little tasks. Each one of us. My own challenge was to go in closer to the object. Apparently I like to stay at a save distance. As Jan hinted it out several times during the shoot I became painfully aware of it. I was always ready to back away. Not so today, I stayed. Looked closer, came in closer. :)
Certainly a challenge for me, which I will continue as soon as the next shoot rolls in.
While working alongside Jan and analyzing his images, I came to adore his ability to see the light. I mean not just any light, but the light which works and enhances the scene to the extent of some
whimsical moment which you have never before seen like this. So I took today to see outside of my usual "light Box" to go deeper into the wood. To play with light and shade.

So here, I invite you to come along on our shoot.
Just for us.
AND the joy of beauty. Deep wood, dark greens and romantic castles on a great March morning.


Very font of this little batch of light in the dark greens. :)

A new favorite! Love these smiles!

We ended our shoot at the castle Solitude above Stuttgart. 

Dear Cory & Dave, thank you for your infinite patience with our photographic experiments. Thank you for having the cutest grins and giggling and teasing each other right in front of our multiple lenses! 
For even holding hands when we were not looking and for still whispering kind  things into each others ears. Yeah, I saw that too ;)

Also check in on Jan´s Blog to see more.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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