March 13, 2014

New in the family

It is cute, it looks good and it has something blue.

Now I finally understand why God gave me two hands :)
One to hold the camera the other one to hold this new darling baby of mine. 
Of course this is a tiny exaggeration... Just a tiny one. It was a birthday gift and I got used to it so very quickly. My father asked me yesterday if I put it under my pillow when I go to sleep... Yeah kind of.
Let´s admit it... these apple items not only look good, they are one heck of addictive as well...


I was waiting at the theater for a friend to arrive and now I'm glad because jotting down ideas is so much easier. I'm super thrilled because I can show my clients the portfolio on this beautiful device. The images which have paved my journey just look incredible beautiful.
Oh and it fits in my handbag. This is very important! Don't underestimate that ladies! :) 
Something else is coming my way. Another birthday gift which is far to big to fit into a purse. It will take place this very weekend at Stuttgart! My very first ... Wait for it... Justin&Mary workshop!!! Oh yes!!
Prepare yourselves for more awesomeness, jittery filled, with joy overflowing and very hyper excited posts flying your way :)


Product information: IPadMini Retina

Have a lovely end of the week! ENjoy all the spring sun!

~    Saluti.   ~

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