March 21, 2014

Meeting Justin&Mary ~ A day I have dreamed about

Vianne had just lit the last of the candles on the little coffee table in the midst of the sofas. We were on our own in the apartment. The three of us. Time to relax. It was November and it was gray-cold outside. Self-made pizza in our labs. I shared with these two girls how much I would love to have people here to dream big with. To sit down and encourage one another, to go after these impossibilities. I had once again read about the What-If conference in the States, which is a conference for creative entrepreneurs, in search for new ways to push the limits of their imagination.  
On this gray-cold night we decided we don´t need this conference. We can start right here. So we started sharing. And believe me, it sure sounds weird finding yourself trying to formulate these hidden, big dreams which have been playing hide and seek in the corner of your mind. To put these dreams into words for the first time... well... to speak them out loud, for others to hear... BIG one.

So phrase after phrase we watched confidence rising in the spoken lines, in the shy wishes and I told Vianne & Mau that my dream is to one day meet Justin&Mary in person. Not my only one... but certainly a big one and most certainly at this time, one which seemed sheerly out of reach. Like widely impossible. It was my dream to not just meet them at a conference or workshop but to actually hang out for a little bit. To share time and have time to talk.
Dreams are a funny business. They mean hardly anything if you do not take action. So this same winter, I wrote an email to Justin& Mary. Not my first one, but certainly one which made me nervous. Veryyyy nervous. 

Fast forward a couple of months and we are at last Monday. Me, jittery, nervous... about to meet Justin&Mary again. You guys! I cannot really find fitting words how glad I am that you have squeezed some time in your busy week. That you thought it a wonderful idea to finally meet. 
That... I was finally able to thank you in person for all the goodness, all the love, all the hope... I have seen in you, read in your blog posts, felt in yous words and seen in your images. You two have inspired and encouraged me numerous of times without even knowing. So finally I was able to let you know and give you this long deserved thank you hug. 

Here is to dreaming big! To courage to find words!
To find new dreams and making them happen. 

Just love these ones! Your smiles in front of my lens <3! Love it!!

Watching Justin taking images of his Mary :)

Check out Justin&Mary´s Blog here.
My favorite Blog posts are the Pancake sessions (beside the weddings and the e-session and the personal posts hihi)

Of course there are more dreams on the list. 
Like when I am grown up... I wanna organize the European What-If conference. I just said it out loud. I will write on dreams again soon.
And about the Workshop ;)

Till then! Have the most beautiful of spring weekends!


  1. Liebe Rici, du strahlst! Und das zu Recht. Ich freue mich für dich, dass die beiden sich Zeit für ein Treffen mit dir genommen haben. Höre nie damit auf, deine Wünsche laut auszusprechen. Hold fast to dreams ;-)

  2. Vielen Dank Zana!!!
    You as well!! Dream!! ;)

  3. We could organize that conference together :-)

  4. @Jennifer!! This is a great idea! ^^