June 1, 2015

Monday Post - Know your Dreams

For the first time in the almost two years I have been shooting weddings in the Stuttgart area I had a wedding at a location I already knew. Oh what a fabulous feeling. For the first time in two years not everything was all new. Also for the first time I had a more or less relaxed morning before a wedding day. I did not run around like crazy ( what usually happens) in a hectic mind set for the fifteen minutes before leaving the house. This time it was only five minutes. Haha. For me this was a new goal. To quiet down the hectic I usually get myself into before I start the wedding day. I was hoping this year some kind of routine would set in. Some set game plan to calm my nerves. 
The wedding I was able to accompany this Friday was at a dream of a location of mine. It is an ancient mill set in a quite valley. Birds of all kinds, geese, white doves, ducks ... all things feathers are sprinkled across the greens and as soon as you close the door of your car you enter into this new place you leave behind all things fast and hectic. It is like a mini-vacation every time I come to shoot a wedding there. A place where the grandfather lets out the big geese at sunset hour so they can eat beside the small stream. Where all the kids and grandparents eat lunch on the porch before the wedding guests come streaming in. 
So looking forward to shooting there one more time this year. :)

Picking daisies.

Having shot this weeks wedding on a Friday made another dream possible. My dear friend Sarina & Tim (find their wedding here) have bought a baby pug on their honeymoon and I always made jokes about dog sitting this charming-cheeky guy. The only thing was that Munich is a tad far from Stuttgart to just drive down there to pug sit they Otto (actual name). Funnily enough, they visited a conference this weekend. Exactly on the highway I took back to Stuttgart downtown from this dream location on Friday. SO they needed a dog sitter and I had two dreams fulfilled the whole long weekend. :)
Otto was like my favorite guest as in Ever. Ok I have a serious pug crush... sorry. 
Needless to say I took about two hundred pug selfies...

These days as I woke up, every morning & I was excited to start again and to see what the day would bring. It made me realize something. I was thrilled because I knew my dreams would be unleashed this day. Small dreams, but still I had them in the back of my mind. If it was an enchanted country location or a little pug nose greeting me with jumping squeaks at the step of my bedroom door... I knew something small was fulfilled this moment. You have to know your dreams to see them. Honestly, no matter how big or small. Familiarize yourself with your dreams! It will make you all the happier when they come true.
Having the royal visit of Baron Frederik von Otto der I. (actual name, no kidding) was a small one, but all the more cute for two days. :)

So here are some instagrams from my visit:

Being productive at the studio:

Sleeping in the most comfortable way on Rici´s lab.

Backing and never leaving my side.

Happiest of Monday´s to you & happy dreamin´y´all!

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