June 9, 2015

My past week´s joy - Not a Monday Post anymore

Since I moved to Stuttgart I knew I wanted to pursue another passion of mine. I mean beside the obvious love-struck awesomeness of going full time on photography...
I wanted to have a guest room ever since I left my parents house almost seven years ago. I grew up with new and old friends running in and out of our home. Some stayed for years, some just for one night. Some I call family, some are intimate friends to this day, some taught me english, some how to cook exotic recipes. 

As my Finnish friend JP texted one day if he could quite spontaneously crash for the night, I was delighted to host a wonderful friend. We had met in Würzburg and if we even met for some twenty minutes in between lectures to grab lunch, I always had the feeling that superficiality is just not in his repertoire.
As he was traveling to many countries in the break between semesters his wonderful and at times crazy stories of adventurous encounters gave me a really bad case of wanderlust. Or how Tolkien would put it: 

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains,(...)

Anyway, I enjoyed hosting and listening and laughing and remembering.
And then I had to grab at least one or two frames of him... If I would have a street style Blog he would be on it. As in very second week ;)

On another notice, I shot two weddings on the past weekend, one of which was in Switzerland. It was the first international wedding this year and I was pretty excited about it. 
The first creep of terror came as I realised the adapter of the GPS - navigation system-  I had borrowed from a friend was missing. So I hurried to the office and tried to fix that with the help of Jan. Then utter sheer as the GPS did not work anymore altogether. Going to Switzerland I knew my phone would likewise not lead me to my destination... and along came improvising. I felt helplessly lost even before setting off for the road, knowing my incredible lack of direction in a new place. (Just like one of those lonely soldiers in a war movie fighting their way back to the home base on their own.)

The good news is that I made it in and out of Switzerland without getting lost once. As I crossed the border back home I could have sworn the victory score of The Four Feathers adventure film set in. Haha. 

Here is to rocking new adventures on unknown ground! And having my first guestbook entry drawn by a talented, stylish, Finnish friend.

Have a wonderful week!

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