September 19, 2015

Wedding Anna & Chris

Honestly, I am at a loss for words about where to begin. This is at the same time the closing and the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe you need to know one thing about Anna & I... we where roomies for the last half year and I had never have anybody, no I mean it, grow so close and steady to my heart as this girl did! Where shared are lives and our joys... and all the quiet, crazy moments in-between. With the big day drawing nearer we brainstormed endless ideas & options about how to let this day unfold. And at the same time middle of August came, not quite daring to talk about moving apart but still looking forward to the rest of all the goodness. I have seen Anna & Chris on the every day, quiet, not glamorous and just normal days and I love the way they love each other. How he makes her crazy chuckle and how she makes him write songs. I remember the day we went swimming in the river and he held her in his arms, you know, "to keep the fish away"... and how they scream-laughed all the way through. The good, honest kind of belly laugh. 

In the early hours on that special day I went to meet with Anna extra early. Before the wedding bustle swept through the day... to have some tranquil moments and I was especially honoured to have been asked to come, because as she said, I carry peacefulness... 
and then for the first time I had a bridesmaids shooting. It was a bliss! Those girls stopped traffic, I tell you! We were in the park in Baden-Baden and they did their crazy flirting with my camera, as one driver going past our lawn actually hit a traffic sign! No kidding! 
We all laughed our way through this day. This couple is so full of radiant joy that you can hardly help yourself but to be joyous with them. 

You guys! Thank you for the honour of asking me along, but even more, thank you for being my friends! You are so very special together! I hope and pray that you will find something to deep-belly laugh about ever day. Love you both!! 

That´s the moment... 

A favorite!  

Radiant joy, didn´t I say?

And more faves :)


And then a dance / song battle broke out...

Beauty parlour: 
Friseur Regina, Baden-Baden
Portraits with bridesmaids: park next to Goetheplatz, Baden-Baden
Portrait with groomsmen: around Gutenbergplatz, Karlsruhe
Portrait location: Günther-Klotz-Anlage, Karlsruhe 
Party Location: Palazzo, Karlsruhe 

Funfact: Even if Anna moved out, I am ever so grateful she just lives two minutes from the studio. Oh yes.

Have a great weekend!!

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