September 25, 2015

Business Portraits with Johannes

Often before moving to Stuttgart I had asked friends what their favourite place is if they were familiar with the city. One friend had said her total favorite place is the "Schlossplatz" castle plaza during sunrise. Taking her word on it I decided to meet with Johannes during the magical sunrise hour right there. I had a look at all the buildings near by & decided that for the vibe he wanted for his images, this would be a marvellous place.

Johannes is currently building his own business as a life coach and fitness trainer. 
If you would ask me how we met, I would say it was because of my crazy laugh. (Since I don´t work out...) ;)
Thank you so very much for trusting me on the light / hour challenge of an early morning & for making this all a whole lot of fun! Looking forward to more.


Portrait location: Stuttgart downtown around Schlossplatz

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